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woo static threads
check out that dashing !!!
i don't know anything about cv! yaay
cool, carc's streaming re4.
o cool
loving the breathing on the mic
it's a scary game!! i don't blame him!!!!
o yea
i don't remember this boss taking so long to defeat lol
is this on pro?
afaik he's one of the hardest in the game. i never finished the game though lol.
he's extremely easy on normal mode lol
one of the first bosses
i only played through pro once but this definitely seems like pro
maybe i heard wrong then heh.
wonder if i should buy the gc or the wii version.
why would you even consider the cube version lol
i never played the wii version. guess i'll get that
only version i've played but it's the definitive edition
i hear some sorta bug or something in the background. there's wIlDlIfE in this stream
i should do a run of umbrella chronicles lol
yeah along with v. chron, wario, etc.
well those two i'm actually doing :P