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rita* is p. awesome
she's overrated
that too
lol ok
i didn't notice much special about her when i played
i am going to record some broken rita videos
in hd
go go go
so i can share my rita experience with you people
lol i don't care about the gameplay
oh ark he's playing your favorite game
i've seen all the combo vids :P
lol ok definitely uncharted time
there's sand on my boots!
oh cool, i can watch while nate translates in real time
i was actually just seeing how much i could read haha
heh nice
it doesn't help that i don't know shit about this game
does context really make it that much easier to translate?
or simply read i should say
well if you already know what it says then you don't have to read it ;)
also makes it easier to read because you're just confirming what you already know it says
kinda like metroid fusion, lol