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ok i'd better get back to work

This is no RE!
So who the hell is playing FF6? I don't see Carci in the Users list.
hahahahaha, I completely forgot this existed. I love you guys.

The Japanese FF stuff is just me dicking around with low level games and stuff.
no one else watching?
?    !
That's no Resident Evil!
¿What's the difference between RE4GC and RE4Wii? I mean, besides obvious gameplay change.
wii has all the bonus stuff the ps2 version has. beyond that not much afaik.
Ohhh, I see.
I lost contact and/or interest of RE4 after the PS2 version, but I have the GC version right here.
<3 del lago
Stronger weapons, PS2 bonuses. That's about it.