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can't have no outsiders here
definitely something i missed in re5
zomg dun get chainsaw'd
zombies are the most resilient motherfuckers i've ever seen.
omfg theyre not zombies RETARD
they certainly aren't human!
ahi está!
i'm listening to the sora no woto ost while watching this and it's the most epic thing ever imo
os voy a romper a pedazos!
heh nice
v. nice. looks like that's next on my list to watch.
lol ...
it's pretty fucking bad
ost is good though yeah
listening to pyt atm
fork is in a bad mood lately
well i've gotta watch it if nate and ark watch it!!!!!!!!!!!
it seems like uncharted 2 is warping his view of mediocre things
heh it's possible
very hard to look at wii games now ...
this wii game ain't bad
i've only seen it for a few minutes on an hdtv though
re4 or ratatosk?