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Okay, I have absolutely no idea where to go. I just killed Draygon (and if there are items, I don't know where to find them) and yeah. I can't get out. I also know how to get to Draygon without the super missiles but since I'm stuck in Draygon's room, I think I'll wait till I get out. Thanks.
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That was my little moment of supreme evil. I really debated over whether to include it. I hope you have a savestate with Draygon still alive.
You have to kill him while above that line of blocks. How you get up there is your puzzle.
Man! Now I know what to do! Really nice.
Man, I must really not be thinking today. How do I escape Draygon's room after collecting the goodies?
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ducknerd: 2008-01-30 09:22:31 pm
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One of the blocks crumbles :D.

EDIT: WTF. No. I tested this whole goddamn thing to make sure there were NO errors. Goddamn it. New version to be uploaded in the next hour or so. I'm sorry.

EDIT2: New version up on first page, all bugs fixed. I desperately hope. I am so pissed off right now; by now, I've spent more time beta-testing and debugging than I did making this damn thing. All those with 1.10, please download 1.11; as you've no doubt learned, the game is unbeatable after Draygon. Loading a savestate from 1.1 in the items room should work just fine. Again, I'm sorry. I honestly don't know how an error that big just slipped through.
Okay how do I escape after collecting the charge beam? Am I supposed to super short charge?
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See what happens when you kagoball the robot.
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gggorillaz: 2011-07-20 11:59:54 pm
zazang zadang!
Quote from Tonski:
Meh I'll just wait 'till someone TASes this hack, I'm too lazy to complete this hack.
I realize this thread is very old (and im probably one of the last people to take a look at it for some time) but i thought i might help by linking anyone else new to this hack to a TASed video so anyone (especially myself) who needs help at a particular part can take a look at how to get past it without bothering others with directions.

happy hunting!


EDIT: If Kriole ever visits this page again, he should definitely take a look at 23:27  ^.^
Just got my hands on this baby again and i loved it. First time i tried it i got stuck cause i went the wrong way in LN and didn't get core items to finishing like varia suit. Had to restart the game but it was still pretty fun. Guess ive been playing too many glitch based hacks since it took me a day to finish this game despite having to repeat it once ^_^.