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Tahngarthor: 2008-12-24 01:25:39 am
Bangaa Bishop
Speed Tricks - Ice Hive (DBJ and "float" methods)

(Add the following text at the bottom of the page, then place these videos below, side-by-side)

Two alternate methods of speeding up this room are shown in the videos below.
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Tahngarthor: 2008-12-24 12:18:10 am
Bangaa Bishop
I have checked and rechecked, all of the new videos have now been encoded and posted above, along with credits where possible.

Have at it, nate. (Note also the page corrections post)

Happy Holidays from Tahn and Phazar :)

Everything from this post on is new/updated: http://forum.metroid2002.com/index.php/topic,7675.msg240392.html#msg240392
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Tahngarthor: 2008-12-28 05:19:07 pm
Bangaa Bishop
Sorry, it looks like I upped the same video twice in the post above. correct second video follows.
(so much for my doublechecking)
how do you want those laid out? there are already two videos on the speed tricks ice hive page.

about the blank frames at the end, that's because quicktime doesn't handle b-frames in h.264 very well. i've heard rumors there is a total rewrite of quicktime in the works but who knows.
red chamber dream
Can easily see it being released with Snow Leopard, as that's sort of the point of Snow Leopard.

quicktime x they call it, presumably because quicktime as it is now is from os 9.