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I'll admit, Other M doesn't look fantastic in some of the screens we've seen, but they're a lot better than N64 graphics.
looks the same to me.
So you're suggesting Other M looks like these? (All of which were released in 2000 at the end of the N64's life cycle.)

Kirby 64
Majora's Mask
Perfect Dark

I don't see it.
my umbrella goes directly to Bankai
Quote from arkarian:

you seriously don't think that looks like n64 graphics?

i would love to have the n64 you've got.
Heh, hadn't thought of it like that.
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Quote from arkarian:
you seriously don't think that looks like n64 graphics?

It doesnt look like 'n64-real-time-graphics' and it doesnt look like 'wii-real-time-graphics' cos it looks like some art/concept-workaiwebs_032

Quote from tomatobob:
Hate to break it to you guys but 99% of the graphics from the 64/PSX era were fucking hideous.

Very true, because everyone pushed 3D on a hardware that was difficult to meet the challenge.

Quote from Kharay1977:
15 years from now we'll all be laughing at how 'hideous' Crysis really looked.

Nope. You wont. As much as you wont laugh at an artistically well designed 2D-game for PSX. Crysis reached a serious level already. And the guys working on the visual stuff obviously have taste, decent hardware and excellent skills in what they are doing. You expect something like a linear progression but it cannot exist, it is just your temporary illusionary fallacy.
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kesvalk: 2010-06-13 04:35:49 pm
Indie Lover
i am sure that our kid's kids will see crysis and say "ugh this is ugly!"

for one reason or another
Quote from kesvalk:
for one reason or another

It is ugly for another reason, and it will always be.
Just in random of interest:
It might not be that represantative but still you can try to test yourself:
Since many like to watch this trailer over and over again: Imagine this is how it looks like in gameplay (real-time):

Now Play Crysis maxed out (if you have the hardware for this). Ok, not everything will look that fine and more important immersive but it wont look hideous, except some disagree. Personally I dont think so because the visuals have already reached certain quality. There is hardly something that is looking out of place despite there are indeed enough points that can be improved in future, pop-ups-management is one of them. A big breakthrough would be if raytracing could be done everywhere everytime in realtime but phew, that is often overkill.

Sorry if it has become a little off-topic but it is all to it from me. I thought it might be interesting to imagine gameplay-visuals in rendered film-quality and then compare it to the real-time visuals we have today.
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Uh... no?!