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Yeah, I mean the spot right in  front of nettorie, where you have to jump in it
I always keep falling in those flowers if I try the secret spot in front of Nettori. I have to use the ledge, and even that way it isn't easy. I only had like 20 missiles in my run. :P
I suggest just not using the secret spot at all, especially in a SS. It's just too hard to get.
I guess there's still some people that can find it consistanly, even if the ledge is easier choice? Will you be using it in your 1% SS?
Definitely not. Way too hard to get. Maybe in a segmented run. Right now I just use the edge of the platform.
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I never could hit that spot. >_< Am I a shame to this board?
No. :P I too can never get that spot.

Page break 70!!
Good news!

No, this was not recorded, but at least it's a start. There were plenty of mistakes, so hopefully this proves to me (and others) that I can get 0:52/53.




Good job all I can say.
Wow, I am really impressed! Can't wait to see your recorded run.

This was a SS run, right?
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That M2k2 guy
Rock on, man. Only a couple more days of this. You can end it, once and for all.
I continued my second segmented run, and am having 38 min at gunship before Yakuza. Good? Bad? Possible sub 1:00? I'm leading my first run already by 6 minutes and losing 4 minutes to Master's 54 min segmented run.

I'd like very badly to do a SS run with this game, but I'm not good enough yet. :) I'd probably die at some point, most definatly at last in SA-X fight.
heh, biospark, you are a demoralizing factor for other people in this thread.

keep it up.
I just did a quick SS run and finished it with 0:51 and 7 %

So I personally think, that SS any % in 0:50 is VERY possible, cause I did several serious mistakes, which just should not happen to me now:
1) It took me 4 attempts to pull of a speed booster trick succesfully in PYR
2) Probably my biggest mistake:
After releasing the security locks in ARC I simply forgot to download the ice-missile data ! When I made my way back I shot a Super missile on an enemy and wondered why he didn't get freezed. So I noticed in this moment my mistake, which cost me probably 20 seconds or more, but I decided to continue this run
3) Giant Plant was pure pain ( it does not depend on me though)
4) Serris and the second form of the security robot were not as quick as I usually expect them to be
5) some other small mistakes

So, I am really suprised but also happy with this time, because it motivates me to record a run soon.
I am definitely aiming for 0:50 which should be the WR in SS any % right ?
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Heh, yeah. If you keep it up, :50 seems likely. Then again...you don't have much ability to tell if you have a high :50. Did you check the time right before the ship picked you up? If you find the time change during the escape sequence, you can figure out the moment you enter the ship, then add the time it takes to reach the base esplosion scene.

Else, you have any place from .1 to 59.9 seconds to cut.
I think 48 SS is theoretical very possible. I think it is still easier than 53 minutes 1% SS.

I think Wassupdawgs segmented run don,t includes double core-x trick. It save lot frame if you use that against everysingle core-x. And Wassup run includes almost 20 save it took almost 2 minutes. game time

But 51 min SS is extremely great time. My best SS is 56 minutes and it was good run IMO. I see man, your skills is very high.
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Quote from JaggerG:
Else, you have any place from .1 to 59.9 seconds to cut.

Any place from a 0.01666r seconds to 64 seconds Rolling Eyes
Clear time: 1:02

My second Fusion speedrun. :) Item collection 7% as always. Next time I'll go sub 1:00 fo sho. I just got a bit lazy in the last segments that's all.
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ohshi you matched my time with your second run :o
I did? Nice.  8-)

Too bad I won't be playing this game for a while 'cause I have no GBA.
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after much hard work (and even more resetting than I thought I could put up with) I beat my personal best time at fusion

if I can shave another four minutes with my next attempt I just might decide to take a whack at the any% record
Allright guys, I'm finished with Metroid Fusion. Tomorrow in Germany we get our reports and the hollidays start. Perfect conditions!
I could practise a lot and do maybe two serious Speed Run attempts a day, cause I finally know, how to record with my VCR.

BUT, for the hollidays my friend needs his stuff back ( GBA SP, GB Player) so I have no chance to record it. It's a pity, cause after my hollidays I definitely won't spend time for such things, simply because school gets more demanding ( two years to go for my final secondary-school examinations ).

So now there are two options:
I could still aim for :50 in MF, though there is no chance to proove it, since it is not recorded. So simply do it to get satisfied, but honestly.. I am not very motivated.

Or I could concentrate (and I prefer this option) on beating my times in M:ZM, which I know will be a lot of fun ( time to beat 33:48 ^^) and practise ( and finally pull of ) some tricks in Metroid Prime like getting the artifact of wild without the spider ball ( yeah I've never done it before and I am ashamed ).

So, I am out :(
Got Japanese fusion the other day.

:55 1% hard mode (segmented)

It wasn't a true speedrun, I saved just so that I wouldn't have to start all over if I died.
Btw, I paused before my ship picked me up and I found out that it was a low :55, so it was quite close to :54.
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So I guess my "couple days" estimation is off....