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Jack879: 2017-11-10 12:10:29 pm
53:15 seg

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Jack879: 2017-11-16 08:11:39 am
Jack879: 2017-11-15 09:17:52 pm
Two of them back-to-back today.
~55:06 for the faster one.
https://gyazo.com/8816d654d4d3072399a68b31dbab4eac Split difference, 56:03 on left.

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Metroid177: 2017-12-21 08:27:13 pm
21% SS, 1 minute pb

Edit 12/21/17, here is the video.  If you've seen my 1:54, this is in much better audio/video quality

rocks, locks, and invisible blocks
loving low%
I swear it was only some hours ago that I randomly thought of your 21% SS 1:54. Some hours ago this came to mind. After not having touched the game in well over half a year. Nice one (and nice one minute improvement)! Are you still working on 21% SS hard mode speedrun attempts?
Hard SS has been put off for now, but I do want to come back to it at some point.

Good to see you're still around. 
Daryo, it's been a while man! It's good to see you care about Metroid Prime still. I hope you come back to grace us with more 21% Hard Mode Segmented or whatever you wish to do. I am a big fan of your streams and work.
loving low%
Thanks people I really appreciate that!

Hard SS has been put off for now, but I do want to come back to it at some point.

Okay thx for telling me. The "at some point" reminds me of what I think about my undertakings regarding my 21% hard segmented speedrun.Laughing

Unfortunately/ fortunately/ whatever, I'm "currently" (for the last 1.5 years) setting my priorities straight. There are advantages and disadvantages to this.Think
What I devote a lot of time into is studying (with this study semester being even more demanding than the last oneBrick wall) and saving the real world (reference to speedrunners saving virtual worlds aiwebs_008). Well I really want to finish my speedrun at some point, but I probably won't touch it before mid-January. I can't say that I see myself going back to MP1 to be involved in such a deep way as in late 2013 to 2016 though. Life has changed as so have I. I really do cherish the memories involving my progress, discoveries as well as "hanging out" and exchanging with (people from) the community though. But I'm still in the progress of accepting that it will never be the same as earlier.

Melancholy aside, I really wonder why there's been so little activity here in the past 1/2 or 3/4 year though. It correlates with my absence. I haven't watched MP1 streams in many months now but I suppose MP1 is kind of dead now? A few new people making crazy improvements and approaching WR's in the main categories and a few people still finding a small time saver here and there. But has there been anything even remotely "groundbreaking" that has been found in the last several months? It's not groundbreaking, but proving that NSJ Root Cave (& Arbor Chamber) for completely inbounds 98% NSJ was something I found really cool. I know that many small time savers for any%, 100% or low% still make up a lot of time saved, but you know, it's not as "cool" - take notice that I don't intend on upsetting anyone here!^^ So, in a nutshell; for me, personally, IMHO (just to make this ultra clear), it feels like MP1 has become more boring and so has the community.

Like, I've started devoting less and less time to MP1 (and video games in general) about 1.5 years ago and at some point I dropped MP1 completely. The last time I played MP1 was in February. I just didn't feel like it and I've never been motivated enough to go back to it because I just couln't bring up enough time to devote to it.

I am either at it with my heart or not at all.

It's hilarious that Segment 1 of my 21% Hard Mode segmented speedrun was uploaded on 17th October 2014 (yes, over three years ago). Just two segments to go. Aaargh...
Worth noting that there have been lulls in popularity before.

Prime 1 and 2 were pretty much dead until the Twitch generation came along to rescue them.
loving low%
Quote from DJGrenola:
Worth noting that there have been lulls in popularity before.

Prime 1 and 2 were pretty much dead until the Twitch generation came along to rescue them.

Let's hope for the best :D
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Hazel: 2017-12-15 04:15:22 pm
rocks, locks, and invisible blocks
Seems most runners are busy with school and tend to make a come back during holidays. For example Justin has been streaming and working on segments/new strats lately. I believe m177 is similar (at least he seems to show up during school holidays).

And yeah, I'm sure new people will show up someday soon as well. I think most of the runners with sub hour aside from t3 and Claris are relatively recent runners, so it's very possible for new people to show up and become very good. I think Edzan's current 100% TAS might draw in some new runners when it's done, same with more GDQ exposure with better commentary.
It's such a shame that you lost the 1:09 by any mistake during Exoskeleton, but the run is sub 1:10 in my heart. Truly a good run, however. I'm looking forward to when you revisit this with the new reverse frigate route (or when you finish segmented!). If not, I'll try to make you proud.
Deserves its own thread tbh
If it gets its own thread, there will be 3 "nice" comments, one "cool" comment, and zero discussion of the run.
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BashPrime: 2018-01-08 12:53:41 pm
Crazy to think that Justin's 100% run is so good that it's practically a top 30 time on the any% leaderboards as well.

Great job, best of luck with the 1:09! You got this my dude.

I couldn't be more proud of you. You went through some more pain as you tried to come back for the 1:01, and I'm glad you stuck around and worked for the sub hour. By cutting out two OoBs you wanted to do too. :)
Grats Remi! I know you've grinded really hard for this. So happy this paid off for you.
This was from two months ago, but with some HUGE help from the likes of mr_whiskers, LV, IzzoriousAxel, TomLube, JustinDM, and Riley220, I became the 21st person to complete 21%. I used Whiskers's Magmoor Workstation SW to obtain Plasma Beam, and the MQA Metroid Hop to make it into lower mines.

I'm not sure when I'll do single segment attempts but I'm proud of this one.

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BashPrime: 2018-04-06 01:37:54 pm

Bad run. Fell down in Frozen Pike and choked in shafts, somehow still made it to a minute 55 seconds ahead by the start of the Essence fight. Failed 3 pool, still got a low 1:08 I think. Also my first PB with a wallcrawl (wavesun).

I can see 1:05, perhaps even 1:04 happening in the near future though, so this run will not stand as my PB for very long.