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yeah, the topic says all, post your best records and runs you ever did in prime for each run type.

ok, i'll start:

my current best times in prime are:

best PAL 100%: 1:47 [recorded]
best PAL any%: 1:19
best PAL low%: 23% 1:33

best PAL Frigate Escape: 4:18.xx
Thread title: 
I('d) like to watch (some MP3 runs)
Best 100%: 1:59
Best 100% Single Segment: 2:03 (recorded for kip)
Best any%: N/A
Best low%: 22%, but ended at Geo Core.
Best Frigate Escape: ~4:17:xx
These are my best times - they are all PAL !!!

Best any % - 1:24 (im gonna improve this very soon)!!!
Best Single Segment Any % - 1:39
Best Frigate escape - 4:18**... like Miles :)
Havnt ever completed 100% run...
My best time: 4:00 in Impact Crater... Embarassed  Any percent...
Best SB:
32% 1:09 min

Best PURE SEQUENCED run (No shortcuts within a room)(playing as the developers meant):
2:05 67%

Best Frigate Escape:

Thats some very good times there! That 2 hour No SB route looks like a world record. Too bad i love sbing and will never download a video of the game done normally!
everybody knows it's true
The only current one I have is around 2:17 on hard right before OP, then I lost my disk.
My best Prime runs:

- Low Percent: 2:10 (27%)
- 100 Percent: 2:59

* Both on Normal Difficulty
red chamber dream
There was a topic like this awhile ago, but I've gotten some better times since then, so:

Version: NTSC
Difficulty: Normal
Run Type: 200%
Final Time: 1:58 (I finally broke two hours about a month ago)
Percentage Complete: 200%
Sequence Break: No

Version: NTSC
Difficulty: Hard
Run Type: 200%
Final Time: 2:11
Percentage Complete: 200%
Sequence Break: No

Version: NTSC
Difficulty: Normal
Run Type: Any %
Final Time: 1:35
Percentage Complete: 52%
Sequence Break: Somewhat

Version: NTSC
Difficulty: Normal
Run Type: Low %
Final Time: 2:54
Percentage Complete: 22%
Sequence Break: Yes

The 200%s mean all scans as well as items, if you didn't know.
Single Segment > Any % > 100% > Low %
The hell are you talking about?
Maybe about Arkarian's post?

red chamber dream
Maybe, but you still can't compare a Single Segment run to a Low Percent run. They're too totally different things. A Low Percent run can be Single Segment. But comparing 100% to Low Percent is okay, though.
I('d) like to watch (some MP3 runs)
Holy crap, Ark is a minute faster than my 100% time, and he got all the scans and didn't do SB'ing either.  I suck.  :(
Quote from Arkarian:
...But comparing 100% to Low Percent lis okay, though.

...How? A low% run is getting as least as possible and 100% is getting all the items. Way different.
red chamber dream
I meant in the sense of someone saying somethin like, "oh, I don't like 100% runs; I prefer to do Low Percent runs." That makes sense.
Now, saying, "oh, I hate Low Percent runs; I like Single-Segment runs" makes no sense, since they're not really comparing the same type of run (a specific percent run, in this case).
I reconsider: '

Single Segment low % > Single Segment 100% > Single Seg Any % > low % > 100% > Any %

i honestly think ss low % is not at all possible. if anyone does one (i mean 22%) i think ill have to just die.
I honestly like any%'s best, since those are the fastest.
your right, i was just showing the difficulty difference
heh, don't worry about that Scarlet. for that you belong to another game: you are the King of Super Metroid :D. and although in my opinion you don't suck at the game, you are not bad. so don't worry about it Wink
You can't really compare difficulty across any, low, and 100. Well, you can but you'd be wrong and stupid.
so many low % tricks are in any now though ... 100% i agree is a bit different (at least, i know of at least one expert who agrees).
Best SS Any % PAL - 1:35  filmed!!!
MY personnal best:

NTSC(players choice) :x (damn debuged version!!!)

100% items( :D )
somwhere over 70% scans(forgot thardus and flaaghra, damn!!)

Totale time, i think, 11 or 12 hours, yes laugh all ya want!!!!

Not very good when it comes to speed.
everybody knows it's true