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Cook of the Sea
I am one hundred percent certain that Retro knows about m2k2, but that doesn't neccessarily mean that they included Power Bombs in the Thardus fight as a reference to Sequence Breakin, does it?
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Quote from SABERinBLUE:
I am one hundred percent certain that Retro knows about m2k2, but that doesn't neccessarily mean that they included Power Bombs in the Thardus fight as a reference to Sequence Breakin, does it?

But Retro never developed Metroid Pinnball tho. Fuse Games in the UK did...
You can PB Thardus as soon as he starts to get up, and he'll be hit and fully standing. But missiles only do 1 damage each to Thardus. You wouldn't happen to have a video, would you? The best I've gotten is 00:39:77 and that was with lucky bombing.

EDIT: Phazon Mines: 00:28:77 Oh yeah  8)
Ready and willing.

Multi: 21,540,640 (1-12)

Pirate Frigate - 1,539,300 (06)
Tallon Overworld - 21,037,960 (37)
Phazon Mines - 00:53:72
Phendrana Drifts - 00:54:30
Impact Crater - 02:17:32
Artifact Temple - 03:18:59

Multi: 2,901,920 (09)

Pirate Frigate - 995,520 (04)
Tallon Overworld - 824,950 (04)
Phazon Mines - 01:46:42
Phendrana Drifts - 01:30:00
Impact Crater: 02:21:97
Artifact Temple: 02:21:15

Come on people, show me what you've got.  Twisted Evil
These are all on normal. I assume bold means a record.

Multi Mission: 11,549,850 1-06
Pirate Frigate: 551,080 01
Tallon Overworld: 4,481,730 13
Phazon Mines: 00:28:77
Phendrana Drifts: 00:39:77
Impact Crater: 01:37:10
Artifact Temple: 01:20:57

Also, I suggest keeping a list of the top scores in the beginning of the topic.
Raise your hand if you suck at the Pirate Frigate level.  *raises hand*
New Phazon Mines record: 00:24:65
Quote from Arkarian:
Quote from 99v6cam:
Quote from Mr Potter:
New best time:

Phendrana Drifts - 00:12:84

I think I might be able to beat it, but I haven't done that yet.

How the hell did you do that?  It takes 6 seconds just for the thing to get up...

He means twelve minutes, not seconds. That time would read as "twelve minutes, eighty-four seconds".

Okay, thanks for the laugh. Rolling Eyes No, it's twelve seconds. A power bomb or a normal bomb can skip the starting animation as soon as the music changes. From there, it's getting lucky with the power bombs.

For Phazon Mines: 00:21:84 (I think it's 84, not sure though)

That's 21 seconds, NOT minutes. :D

EDIT: And by "getting lucky with the power bombs", I mean using a power bomb to skip the starting animation and then getting a new one from the bomb slot almost immediately while ramming Thardus and laying a bomb by him each time you hit him.
red chamber dream
Quote from Andrew Mills:
Quote from Arkarian:
He means twelve minutes, not seconds. That time would read as "twelve minutes, eighty-four seconds".

No, no. I can assure you he means 12 seconds.

Ah, oh well. I don't have the game, so I wouldn't know. Can't wait to get it, though.
always move fast
just got the game today, got 8 artifacts the first time, and beat it the second time with:
11,693,200 and 1-03 artifacts

edit: played the space frigate a few times, and got 1,229,890, and then 3,107,080.

edit: phazon mines: 20.42  can see sub 19, maybe even sub 18, with this really crazy first shot that im not sure even works...
Ready and willing.
Managed to get 28,732,820 with 2-06 on Normal Multi, and 8,098,740 (18) on the Frigate. I've almost filled up the entire high score table on Expert Multi, but still haven't gotten a higher score than before. Man, Expert is hard.

EDIT: 3,457,510 on Expert Multi with 12 artifacts. Didn't even reach Artifact Temple, though.
always move fast
got metroid prime part 2 down to 1 health left at :35, so im pretty sure that could get sub :30 on a really good run (i ended up with 1:08 =p).

edit: 12.19 thardus
Single Space Pirate Frigate (normal): 1,649,150 (6)

Not fabulous, but not bad...
always move fast
metroid prime: 52.54

it's so random... ;_;

edit: normal multimission: 32,068,470      2-10
Multi Mission -  8,540,830
Got all the way to 2nd Form Prime before I finally died: I think he only needed to get one more hit too Evil or Very Mad

This game is addicting once you get somewhere in it: The boss fights/creature fights truly make this game unique in my opinion.

I did notice that they completely erased the Chozo Ruins from Tallon IV in this game... What's up with that  Question

Anyway, as for my other records:

Single Mission

- Phendrana Drifts - 1:29:02
- Phazon Mines - 1:13:65
- Artifact Temple -  2:32:09
my umbrella goes directly to Bankai
i got like 7,344,xxx in multi mission play and have not defeated prime yet.

i need lots of practice still...
14 904 100  (1-11)

I almost got the 12th.  Crying or Very sad
Multi Mission: 13,007,300 (1-05)

Yeah, I kind of suck at this game.  :?
Multi-mission: 12 artifacts 4,372,880 points (haven't beaten Meta Ridley yet).

Single Missions:

Pirate Frigate: 2,837,700

Tallon Overworld: 1,910,650

Phazon Mines: 01:01:19

Phendrana Drifts: 01:12:52

Artifact Temple: 01:52:19

EDIT: I would like to update my mutli-mission score.

7,712,500 points and 12 artifacts collected. But I got beaten by Metroid Prime's second form.
Multi Mission - 9,911,450 (1-4)

Single Mission
Pirate Frigate - 1,217,650 (5)
Tallon Overworld - 6,857970 (16)
Phazon Mines - 00:31:59
Impact Crater - 01:16:25
Phendrana Drifts - 01:09:07
Artifact Temple - 01:32:55
I'd like to update my multi-mission score.

8,547,270 points with 15 artifacts.
my umbrella goes directly to Bankai
i played a lot of MPP today. i beat the game for the first time today and improved all my single mission scores.

multi mission: 10,684,130 with 1 clear game and 3 artifacts after restart.
multi mission expert: 2,269,830 with 8 artifacts (first try)

single mission

Artifact Temple: 0'58"44
Artifact Temple expert: 3'03"29 (first try)

Phendrana Drifts: 1'15"92

Phazon Mines: 1'08"35

Impact Crater: 2'18"65

Tallon Overworld: 1,447,340 with 3 specials

Pirate Frigate: 1,357,490 with 5 specials

btw, when i was playing in the Tallon table, i laughed when i got the gunship multiball because i remembered that the censor here uses gunship to censor shit :p
I dare anyone to beat 2, 967, 560 in Pirate Frigate 8).

And I had the lock is lit, too!
I was pretty close to beating that score.

Pirate Frigate: 2,837,700

But i'll see if I can beat yours *goes off to play pinball*
Quote from Prime Hunter:
Multi Mission -  8,540,830

I have been playing Pinball quite a lot in the last few days for some reason. I seem to be getting better at it, as my scores have been starting to improve and I am getting more consistent.

Anyway, my new score: (I did have a score between the record above and my new one, but never wrote it down here for some reason)

17,795,470 (1-12) Multi Mission Normal (Once again I got to Prime 1st Form and took him down about 1/2 way before losing.)

I really should try to get a good run through the Expert Mode soon (Has anyone actually defeated that yet? I think I got about 4-6 artifacts once, but that's about all I can do.)

Edit: Just tried to tackle Expert mode, but I only managed to get this for a score (Too bad I have to recharge my DS now, or else I would probably take another crack at it)

1,429,730 (0-07) Multi Mission Expert