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Ready and willing.
You can recharge while playing. It'll be slower to charge, but the net result is still more juice.
Quote from Prime Hunter:
1,429,730 (0-07) Multi Mission Expert

Been playing again today, and managed to get farther in Expert Mode:

2,608,570 (0-11) Multi Mission Expert

I would've gotten the 12th artifact and possibly made it to the Temple if I hadn't gotten the stupid Triclops as my final mission (I hate how they almost never miss when they toss you at the bottom of the screen.  Evil or Very Mad )

Edit: I played this even more today, and updated some of my records, all of which are on Single Mission Normal:

2,839,630 (11) Pirate Frigate
5,308,740 (14) Tallon Overworld
1:03:44 - Phazon Mines
1:01:25 - Phendrana Drifts
1:53:92 - Impact Crater
1:01:69 - Artifact Temple
Other than Katamari, this is my favorite game I have played in a long time.

I fully believe 12 seconds in Phendrana is possible, great job!

I doubt any of my bests are records but I have played quite a lot, here I go:


Multi Mission: 27,156,390 (2-06)

Pirate Frigate: 3,797,270 (12)
Tallon Overworld: 9,504,880 (22)
Phazon Mines: 00:32.69
Phendrana Drifts: 00:24.60
Impact Crater: 01:07.80
Artifact Temple: 01:10.74


Multi Mission: 4,879,690 (0-12)

Pirate Frigate: 2,074,900 (08)
Tallon Overworld: 4,597,700 (10)
Phazon Mines: 00:31.24
Phendrana Drifts: 00:26.64
Impact Crater: 01:27.54
Artifact Temple: 00:58.24
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a small update

normal mode:

single mission:
Tallon Overworld: 2,882,880 - 10

multi mission: 13,972,670 1-07


multi mission: 17,195,350 1-05 (horrible artifact temple matches made me get lots of points before beating the game)

edit 2:

single mission:
Pirate Frigate: 4,819,770 - 10 (finally a good run in this table)
Quote from Prime Hunter:
2,608,570 (0-11) Multi Mission Expert

Single Mission Normal

1:03:44 - Phazon Mines
1:01:25 - Phendrana Drifts

Been playing the game once again, trying to get into Metroid mode for Prime Hunters next week. Have some more updates for my high scores:

3,230,810 (0-12) Multi Mission Expert (Foiled again by those stupid Triclops...  Evil or Very Mad )

Single Mission Normal

00:36:42 - Phazon Mines
00:54:15 - Phendrana Drifts
I really like this game, and I play it alot, but I'm not very good at it.

Multi: about 8.3 million
Pirate Frigate Single: about 4.6 million
Tallon Overworld Single: about 4.3 million
Artifact Temple: about 1min 20sec

I haven't yet done Phendrana Drifts or Phazon Mines Single.  And I haven't unlocked any others yet.  I'm pitiful.
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i played this game again like 3 weeks ago and bested some of my highscores:

multi-mission: 25,162,350 2-01 (first time i beat the game twice in a row.)

single mission:

Tallon Overworld: 7,102,700 S-16 (much better than my old score)

expert mode:
Artifact Temple: 1:03:97 (i like this stage a lot)
Multi Mission: 25,560,800
Single Mission

Pirate Frigate: 2,908,520
Tallon Overworld: 1,339,490
Phendrana Drifts: 1:01:64
Phazon Mines: 1:18:75
Artifact Temple:1:24:24
Impact Crater:1:38:79
Multi Mission (normal difficulty) - 21,000,070 2-00

The scanner is rigged in Expert! It's almost always Force Field, and it's NEVER Extra Ball! Occasionally it might be Health Recharge if you need it...


my umbrella goes directly to Bankai
i think there's no extra balls in expert.
Edit history:
avengah: 2008-02-10 07:55:26 pm
I've beaten my score. I'm annoyed, though; Metroid Prime (core essence) needed like one more Force Ball hit to die for the third time. I think he had 3 or 4 pieces of health left. I started really well, and had 6 extra balls at one point, but it all fell to bits during my third time through...

39,063,680 2-12... should have been 3-00 at least... ARRGH! It'll probably be ages before I do that well again...
Metroid Prime, what else?
so here are my best scores:  (minutes : seconds : decimals)
multi mission:
15.044.720  - 12 + 7 artefacts

pirate frigate:
4.722.160    11 specials
tallon overworld:
8.447.040    20 specials
phazon mines:
phendrana drifts:
impact crater:
artifact temple:
Edit history:
iiiiiiiii: 2008-05-11 02:26:10 am
so here are my best scores:

pirate frigate:
4,722,960    12 specials
You just took the post right above yours and made all your times/scores very slightly better.
OK, here are my best scores. I'm very angry - I was just having a great run on Multi-Mission; I'd beaten it once and was part way through my second visit to Tallon Overworld, and the game came up "Card removed, please power off" or something. I had like 6 or 7 lives and had only died once to Metroid Prime! ARRGH!

Anyway, here are my scores. Ones I've not included are ones I've not attempted.

Normal mode:

Multi-Mission: 39,063,680 2-12
Pirate Frigate: 3,679,440 12
Tallon Overworld: 27,930,420 53
Phazon Mines: 00:32:90
Phendrana Drifts: 01:08:89
Impact Crater: 01:10:70
Artifact Temple: 01:01:07

Expert mode:

Multi-Mission: 13,903,370 1-06
Tallon Overworld: 6,972,420 19
Artifact Temple 01:17:85
This game always makes me come back for more! It's great fun to just pick up and play between other games!

So, here are my new best scores...

Normal mode:

Multi Mission: 61,759,370 4-07
Pirate Frigate: 10,699,220 21
Phendrana Drifts: 00:46:22

Expert mode:

Pirate Frigate: 1,437,400 4
Edit history:
ryu: 2015-10-07 11:12:35 am
I thought this would be another joke thread and that I'd be the only one posting a score here lol
3,815,940 (12)

Looks like I have a long way to go. And like nobody else who played this still attends this forum!
God damn it this board had a 3-and-a-half year long streak going until you RUINED IT
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Quote from ryu:
I thought this would be another joke thread and that I'd be the only one posting a score here lol
3,815,940 (12)

Looks like I have a long way to go. And like nobody else who played this still attends this forum!

Ummmm, I still browse daily thank you very much. And my previous highscore still stands are current:
Quote from iiiiiiiii:
so here are my best scores:

pirate frigate:
4,722,960    12 specials
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