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Neither do I, no reason to have shit mons though
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I've gotten fairly good natures for the shinys I've gotten so far
red chamber dream
so i'm 120 hours into xenoblade 2 and i think i'm only a little over halfway through the story. there's just so much fun grindy shit you can do, and it's not getting old yet

haven't had a crash in 70 hours, i'm thinking a patch fixed that. i've already played for longer than i played xcx, but i still like x more
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zeldacia3: 2018-02-01 11:03:44 am
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Well I lost my first shiny ;w;. It was a Pheromosa and I didn't notice it was shiny until I had already reset because my brother was distracting me
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Is Subnautica worth getting?
One shall stand, one shall ball.
Not really the kind of game that people here play I don't think. So, uh, I guess if it appeals to you go for it,
A deep sea exploration game is something I've always wanted but when I read about survival and hunger meters I kinda tuned out
That reminds me, are there any interviews discussing unused/removed ideas for Breath of the Wild? I'd bet money that game had a hunger meter until like 1 month before release lol
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I know it used to have a magic meter
red chamber dream
afaik it never had a hunger meter. we saw builds as early as 2015 iirc
red chamber dream
but yeah it definitely had a magic meter
red chamber dream
there's a couple dev interviews out there where they talk about the development process

they did a great talk at gdc last year too where they showed their first concept build of the game, which was in 2d
smash for switch is out of the bag. can't wait to see what they'll be announcing at e3
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So they're remaking Bowser's Inside Story huh?...... WHAT ABOUT PARTNERS IN TIME?!?!
red chamber dream
thanks google

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Who even is that guy? I've seen that on twitter
red chamber dream
it's masahiro sakurai obv ...
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Ridley is probably still too big for smash bros
Wow Suda actually confirmed a killer7 remaster, as well as remasters of his games before killer7 that no one has ever played

I don't know the crazy guy who keeps giving Suda money but I like him

Hopefully it gets a Switch version for gyro aiming

Or just do something hipster like releasing it on the original Wii to save costs

Gaming is really behind film when it comes to venerating outdated technology
FAT PS3 owners, have you filed your claim?  I just did. https://www.gamnesia.com/news/if-you-bought-an-original-ps3-sony-owes-you-65

They ask for the serial # and your PSN info.  I'm hoping that there is some kind of verification using your ID with the console so that people who bought a Fat PS3 years after they stopped selling them won't be able to use their serial number and claim they've had the console all along. Otherwise there's no way anyone's getting close to $65.
good luck! I never owned a fat model
Order of Ecclesia will be 10 years old this October

And while that's depressing enough

I can't help but wonder if Iga will deliberately choose that as Bloodstained's release date
I like turtles.
I still think of it as the most recent game in the series.

Which sadly, I wish it actually were.
Well, it is

I was just talking about Igavanias ... pretty much

Funny thing is, when I wrote the previous post I briefly thought about post-OoE games

And the only one I remembered was Judgment, even though I played LoS1 and MoF, which are okay games

But my brain won't register them as Castlevanias

I think the lack of Yamane might be the reason, because giving her an excuse to make a console-quality greatest hits album was the best thing about that game

Then again I don't consider Mario Tennis and Hotel Mario "Mario games" either