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Time bomb set get out fast!
Lots of us play Super, so why don't we get a records thread going in this forum too?  If those in power disagree, just delete this; if not, perhaps it could be Stickied like the others.

I've been struggling to break the 1:00 barrier in any%, and last night I got my best time so far: 1:09.  It can't be too hard to shave another nine minutes off.  My items added up to a higher percent than I expected, 49%.  It's the Energy Tanks that are time-consuming; I got a total of 8 this time, but after how well my boss fights went (especially Ridley), I think I'm good enough now to skip a couple more.

The route I'm using skips Spore Spawn and Crocomire.  Skipping the Golden Torizo would also save time, but that would mean passing up the Screw Attack, which saves a whole bunch of time in some rooms.  Anyone know which one outweighs the other?

Finally, having learned the "remove your suits before the giant Metroid" trick from Scarlet's 0:55, I now have something else in common with her: I've felt the pain of having to redo a bunch of the run because I forgot to put them back on.  Ouch.
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Ready and willing.
Glad to see someone taking up a mantle here. ^_^
Embarrasing Fact: Power suit made by lowest bidder
100%: 1:26 minutes, several years ago. Never bothered to improve it.
Any %: 46 minutes, a year or two ago.  Forgot the percent, it was in the 30's I think.
15%: 2:09. Simply because I never bothered to make a speed run of it. I'm not 100% sure this was glitchless (wouldn't be surprised if I mockballed), but I did bomb jump up to Lower Norfair.
14%: Didn't check my time. >_>

Missed the question about screw attack... Assuming you have all beams (except spazer) and charge beam, kill the Golden Torizo. You can kill him in about 20 seconds, just sit right next to him, aim up, and fire charged beams. If you're crouching, you can hit him twice per shot. In a pure speed run, you'll probably have very few power bombs, too, so this will help with the lack of them, plus you can then just jump through enemies instead of having to kill them.
I('d) like to watch (some MP3 runs)
Quote from Zeke:
Skipping the Golden Torizo would also save time, but that would mean passing up the Screw Attack, which saves a whole bunch of time in some rooms.  Anyone know which one outweighs the other?

Don't recall if there's a video of just getting it, but no, you don't have to fight the Gold Torizo to get the Screw Attack.

Time bomb set get out fast!
I knew that, actually, but I can never pull off the stupid Green Gate Glitch.  Thanks, though.
These were done on console:

1:21 100%
1:05 any percent. 

And of course, countless 99% runs because I end up forgetting one stupid missile somewhere...
Gah, I suck at this game.
Took me 2:53 even using GameGenie codes >_>
Even with that it's impossibly for me to get less than 2 hours.
I don't remember exactly what it is, but I think it was around 2:23 69%.
1. 1:52 with 100%
2. 2:01 with 25%

Now I'm planning on doing a run with 20-24%, and I hope to complete it in a time of 1:50. :)
I've been attempting an any% run for a few months now, but I keep restarting because I keep finding new little tricks (well none of them are probably actually new, but I've never really watched a Super Metroid speed run).

The first time I started, I was at :11 before Kraid. The second time, I had :07 before Kraid and ended up at :15 before the wrecked ship. Then I did a single-segment from the start of the game to before the wrecked ship, :14. Currently, I'm sitting with a Ceres -> before wrecked ship single-segment with :13.

If I ever finish this thing, the end time better be like sub-40 or something or I'll be pissed  :P
I('d) like to watch (some MP3 runs)
Don't take this the wrong way, but I had a :12 there in my 100%, so you should be able to get there under :10 probably.  I've never really tried an any% so I don't know what items people get, so..
Embarrasing Fact: Power suit made by lowest bidder
It can vary quite wildly. You may kill Phantoon before Kraid, then do all of Norfair before entering the main part of Maridia, then clear Maridia last. That was a route I had planned, but never got around to trying.
Of course, one of my ideas for a 100% route involved skipping the Charge Beam until Ridley was dead. XD That was never attempted.

I never seem to finish any attempts at improving my speed times. I still have a save before the Wrecked Ship with 13:55 on the clock. I killed Kraid first on that one. I don't think you can get below 12:00 without skipping Kraid, but then, I haven't looked much at speed runs in a long time.
I('d) like to watch (some MP3 runs)
I'm assuming he did beat Kraid, due to his talking about Kraid in the posts..but no idea about what he got between Kraid and his save...I'd think below :12 is doable in an any%, as you don't have to go and grab everything that way.  Just off the top of my head, if you skipped some of the Norfair missiles you could likely get under :12.
Quote from Red Scarlet:
Don't take this the wrong way, but I had a :12 there in my 100%, so you should be able to get there under :10 probably.  I've never really tried an any% so I don't know what items people get, so..

nah, he's ok. I remember the same route you used in your :55 from ceres to the wrecked ship is practically the same as in the any% run. Only that you did a couple of stuff in a different order and got more items. LeCoureur103> try to post the items you got between Norfair and the pre-Wrecked ship save, just to know what you did in-between.

oh, and my best time there is :11 (pre wrecked ship. I've tried with slowdowns and savestates and never got :10 there, but it's still quite possible). :13 is very good there.

1. morph ball
2. missile
3. bombs
4. energy tank
5. machball super missile
6. missile by charge beam
7. charge beam
8. spazer
9. varia suit
10. high jump boots
11. missile by high jump
12. energy tank by high jump
13. missile by speed boost
14. speed boost
15. missile by wave beam
16. wave beam
17. ice beam
18. main power bomb pickup

That should be all, I think. When I said I've never watched a SM speed run, that was sort of a lie. I sat through Smokey's :36 one time a few months ago, it was amazing. I watched it once and then deleted it, so I never really memorized or digested all the little subtleties. I am basically copying the route though, except I skipped the Kraid energy tank because I'm a daring lad.

And I watched like one segment of Scarlet's :55, enough to see her machballing with only a tiny hop. I had always thought you had to do a full jump or hit a ceiling and fall back down to machball, but now I know better and I just figured out how to do it Scarlet's way yesterday. I'm trying to work those into my run, along with the Kraid quick-kill which I just learned like last week. So getting a :12 shouldn't be too terribly difficult with this stuff. :o
Here's my best run ever for Super:

1:00 with 27%

I'm quite pleased with myself on that one: Unfortunately, I can't seem to figure out how I can go at least one minute faster the way I play...

I may try a higher percent items and go for pure speed next time: Most of the time I do any Metroid speed run, I try and combine speed and low % into one run.
Time bomb set get out fast!
You guys are out of my league -- my best pre-Wrecked Ship time so far is :20.  Even so, I think I'm finally on track for a sub-hour game.  I just saved before Ridley with :42.  Wish me luck!

Like you, LeCoureur, I recently watched Smokey's any% run.  To my delight, his route is almost exactly the one I'd developed -- he just skips a few items I usually get, saves less, and generally moves faster.  I did learn a couple of useful tricks from it, such as cutting through Maridia on the way to Tourian, but in general I had pretty much the same any% route as the world champion, which was cool.

One thing that really helped my times was the realization that Missile Tanks are basically irrelevant.  They're little help against the bosses compared to Supers and charged shots; the only place where it's important to have lots of Missiles is Mother Brain's room, and all your item collection is done at that point anyway.  Almost all the Missile Tanks just take a second to get, but it adds up.  I've had to break my old habits in a lot of rooms.
Time bomb set get out fast!
Well, it turns out my :42 before Ridley became :53 before the Metroids.  So much for Plan A -- I'm going to have to go back to my pre-Wrecked Ship save and try to move faster through Maridia and Lower Norfair.  Much as it pains me, I think I'd better skip the Screw Attack this time.  Since I can't do the Green Gate Glitch, that one item (and the Golden Torizo's pack of Super Missiles) costs me a good 3 or 4 minutes.
I('d) like to watch (some MP3 runs)
If you have :53 at the ship and getting ready to go into Tourian, you can do <1:00, I think (might have to do Zeeb skip though).
Time bomb set get out fast!
You think?  I'll give it a try, then.  I was going to do the Zeebetite glitch anyway because my arsenal is pretty low this run -- I have 60 missiles and 25 supers.
100% 1:13...glitchless...fighting all bosses/mini-bosses... Twisted Evil I love Wall jumping...

Edit: This is not a completed run though...that time is a time that me and my brother's competition go by...the competition is all that is stated above...but it is also that you can only save at your ship...and the run ends after we have all items and have saved at our ship...I don't know what my time would be if I completed the 1:13 game...and I really should try to figure it out...*grumbles* Makes me feel kinda bad that I posted this up...is kinda misleading originally...hope this clears it up...
I('d) like to watch (some MP3 runs)
Nate updated the SM page with some vids I had and stuff.

Here's the green gate glitch, nice and simple: http://www.metroid2002.com/3/speed_tricks_green_gate_glitch.php
1:20 is my official completed time...1:10 if you stop with 100% at the ship...
I('d) like to watch (some MP3 runs)
Well Zeke, if it helps, I was saved in upper Norfair, had to get a missile in Kraid's area, go through Maridia, THEN get to my ship from a :45 save, and most people know the time I finished with..so yeah I would think you could start at the ship with a :53 and get <1:00.
Time bomb set get out fast!
Actually, when I said before the Metroids, I meant right before the Metroids.  So I have even less ground to cover... if I were you, this would be cake.  We'll see what kind of pastry it is for me.  (Unfortunately, I'm out of town till next week, so I won't be able to find out for a while.)