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Sniqq: 2014-06-06 12:22:43 pm
http://www.twitch.tv/sniqwc3/b/535922857 3% COMPLETED @ CONSOLE UNASSISTED!!! ^_^
oh shit
I run this here hotel of an evening
Quote from TheMG2:
oh shit

http://www.twitch.tv/sniqwc3/c/4420749 This game never stops from surprising me.. there are still lot of potential stuff to break the game even further
http://www.twitch.tv/sniqwc3/c/4443386 so I finally won a lottery and managed to change gamemode ram with blue block. Sadly this changes the value to "1" which is intro and Ending cutscene's value is 38. We are currently trying to find a way to do this with total or alternatively a way to create x-ray.
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Well as long as it requires grapple it doesn't seem super useful for any run purposes does it? Still cool though.
there can be blocks that do similar things just by touching. this was just my proof that blue blocks could trigger ending when abused right
Any progress on the tas? by the way will it be low% (3% or 4%) or any%?
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It's going to by any% but it's the same thing. It'll be a 4% completion because there aren't any extra items that will help (I'd say that it's still "low%" as the method to get "3%" still requires getting the same amount of items). I'm up to the room before the crateria/red brinstar elevator, and it looks like it's going to be about 30 seconds faster than the old TAS. But I've not done anything in a week because I was unsure if more improvements could be found. In particular the part after X-ray is a big question mark with the new things that have been discovered.
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Well new methods will be found but nobody knows when. Either the day when I win lottery and make something useful happen with those blue blocks or the day when Total starts studying those blue blocks. But you should finish the tas in any case , most of it will be the same old inputs anyway except for the brinstar part I guess? I agree that 3% should be low% for real time speedruns only since thats the lowest percent human can achieve (though I doubt any1 else besides me will finish or even attempt 3% @ console for a while). TAS can do 0% with ace

edit: what I meant was that you should finish the tas and but not submit it to tasvideos but maybe just upload it to youtube till new stuff is found
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Quote from Sniqq:
I agree that 3% should be low% for real time speedruns only since thats the lowest percent human can achieve (though I doubt any1 else besides me will finish or even attempt 3% @ console for a while). TAS can do 0% with ace

My point is that at the moment, 3% isn't any more low% than 4%, because both routes ultimately get morphball, missiles, powerbombs and X-ray. And a "0%" ACE run would be even less of a low% run because it requires you to get several more items. I don't think the games internal counter should be the decider of what is and isn't low% because it has been shown that it can be tricked. Low% should be fewest items collected in order to finish the game. Imagine if the completion counter reset after collecting more than 100%, should the low% run then be one that uses the reset glitch to get 101 items before finishing the game?

Anyway I'm not so eager to finish that TAS at the moment. Although a lot can be copied there is still more work left than I feel would be worth it for a run that might not be relevant for long. I've already finished two runs that got obsoleted faster than I could have imagined so I'm not in a hurry to make a third.
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Sniqq: 2014-06-16 06:20:45 am
Sniqq: 2014-06-16 06:20:01 am
Found some interesting posts by kejardon from 2009 but he never really revealed what he found.. I think these were also his last posts on the forum:



I wonder what he was up to. Perhaps you know, Cpadolf?
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I dunno but it might certainly be something along the same lines that you have been discovering, or something else entirely but still very interesting. I don't really know if he's ever around anywhere nowadays were you could find him though which is too bad. His "accomplice" that he mentions might have been namespoofer who I know was talking a lot with kejardon about various ways to make a faster glitch run than the X-ray run that existed back then, but he vanished so abruptly, in the middle of working on a bunch of stuff and without a word, that I actually fear he might have died.
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Sniqq: 2014-06-16 10:50:00 am
Sniqq: 2014-06-16 10:48:24 am
Hopefully he returns one day.. with his knowledge im certain we could get 0% run just by touching right OoB block in right circumstances (probably). But 5 years without any posts does not look too good
Super Secret Area - Dead Ahead!
I know he's not been available much, here or anywhere else, but he's definitely still around, and seems to be OK.  I'm guessing he's just busy with other stuff, or possibly even that 'real life' thing. aiwebs_004
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The guy I was worried about was namespoofer, I don't think anything in particular happened to Kejardon.
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Yeah, I was replying about Kejardon, but I do recall spoofer just disappearing all of a sudden. Neutral
I've tried doing this frame by frame, looking at both the non TAS and the TAS and I can't manage to get it to happen on any version of the game using the 1.43 snes9x (IIRC). I'd really like to mess around with this a bit and maybe I can get some more info on how this works, not only vertically but horizontally as well. Doing this in real time is easy enough, but if I can't manage to do it even using frame by frame, testing every single frame on the way down, I must be doing something wrong that I don't know about. Got the ball and missles, saved the game, reloaded and then attempted it.
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The current record (2%) can be found here.  It includes the actual download for use with lsnes.
If you're referring to me, I've seen the video. Is the lsnes required to do it or something? What's it for specifically? I honestly really would like to know, I want to mess around with it, but right now it doesn't matter since I can't duplicate it no matter what I do. Clearly I'm missing something.
TAS's are simply a series inputs into an emulator. If you download the lsnes file, you can see the inputs.
I thought all I needed to do was download a snes9x movie file? Guess things changed recently?
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You can do the glitch in Snes9x but  to play the movie in an emulator you need lsnes because that is the one that was used to make the movie. Anyway, are you talking about doing the vertical door clip? In that case, keep in mind that you both have to pause/unpause on the correct frame, but you need to be aiming down and then press up on the correct frame to extend your hitbox. I think it also doesn't work from every starting height, because you'll sometimes get aligned poorly vertically where you are too far from the door the frame before you touch it. It's a pretty fickle trick even in frame by frame mode, and ridiculous (though still possible) in realtime.
Does it matter if I end up turning the other direction in the attempt of hitting up on the dpad? I want to know how it works in both ways, that way I can get a feel for everything, horizontal and vertical. Saving the game where you do, scrambles the oob blocks to your favor I am assuming? Tell me everything.
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Yeah turning around will trigger the door transition. You have to be completely still while passing through the door in order to avoid triggering it. About the technical stuff, I don't really have a great grasp on it, totals comments in the link Quietus provided goes through it I think.