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So turns out you can get to out of bounds with pause abuse and moving towards door transition as morph ball by one frame at a perfect moment during unpause. Repeating this 21 times is enough to get to out of bounds in landing site bottom left door. I was researching for this stuff for month or two with all kind of methods including damageboosts mockballs and armpumping but none of them worked except this way but its feasible in tas conditions only.

This allows collection of early power bomb and skipping bombs and super missiles totally (yes I broke Kejardon's laws) and finishing the game with only 4% of items and 3% when the missilepack gets extracted after reset glitch. I made a semi bad tas of it: http://www.twitch.tv/sniqwc3/c/4369504
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Almost happy
Holy shit that's... in all the ways I thought this game could be broken I never would have guessed that bombs or super missiles could have ever been skipped. I never though about the potential for the pause exploit, I thought it would have been impossible to abuse it without speedbooster but of course doing it step by step would work as the door won't trigger as long as you don't move. I wonder what time could be achieved with this exploit. I'm definitely going to have to make a full run with this. Also the fastest missiles would probably be at the missile lake right? That has to be faster than the regular missiles. Exciting stuff!
this game is fucked
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Cpadolf: 2014-05-31 07:02:00 pm
Almost happy
I guess it might be possible to get ever lower too. Depends on the layout of the relevant rooms of course but it might be possible to skip more stuff with extensive OoB abuse. Theoretically only X-ray and morhpball would be truly necessary (morphball being required to do the pause abuse to get OoB as you can't move for only a single frame when not morphed).

EDIT: Although it's probably not possible to get to the red brinstar shaft without PB's since the elevator room locks you in pretty securely. Missiles could potentially be skipped if it's possible to get OoB in the pre-xray room though.
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Main missiles must be collected because the door is grey @ pre-elevator room till its collected. I found a way to get to x-ray room without missiles and even get x-ray but theres apparently no way out:

btw its possible to unmorph / stand in the same frame when doors are inactive. also possible to x-ray buffer standing to get deeper or with the diagonal aim and turnaround releasing everything for doors on right side. so morph ball is not required for this abuse its only required for doors at left side (which is the case here sadly)
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Ah, that's unfortunate about the missiles. It would have been cool to skip the main ones.
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Sniqq: 2014-06-01 06:03:05 am
Also after collecting early PBs its faster to go to abuse the top left door of landing site with pause buffer so the OoB progress to get past super missile door won't take as long since you don't need to fall all the way to the next copy of room then. I made this tas so fast that I didn't properly think everything
Now lets find a humanly feasible way to do this. I want to do 3% runs on console some day
Almost happy
You should be able to go through doors on the left side without morphball by using moonwalk of all things. But I'd imagine that it's still not possible to complete anything without morphball.
So I just figured out something amazing: it's also possible to fall through horizontal doors. so we're currently trying to figure out a way to spawn a 01 block in the crateria room with horizontal room. If we are able to make it , 3% will be humanly possible. I'm not sure if it speeds up tas at all since creating the 01 block takes probably a while because  you need to visit some room to manipulate the oob
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The way you do it : you hold aim down during falling and aim up on the frame when doors are inactive so that samus' hitbox extends to the bottom edge of door thus allowing her to fall through which is humanly possible 1 frame trick (or 2 frames because pause must be pressed at perfect moment aswell so 2x 1frame trick). This game is quite broken now

EDIT: with this thing you might be able to skip missiles totally. Just wait a while till we find a setup and don't create your tas yet because it might be obsolete soon
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How would it help to skip missiles? AFAIK the only obstacle to skip missiles would be getting X-ray and there's no vertical door in that area. Anyway I'm not in a rush, I'm currently just playing around in the landing site OoB trying to find better transition to the PB room. The best I've found so far is a few hundred frames faster than falling to the next "level" but it's still a bit out of the way.
no need vertical door, you can get out of bounds with ball pause buffer @ pre-1st pb room but i havent found a way to get to pre-xray room from there
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I though the issue was that you'd end up at the left side of the X-ray room if you used a OoB door to bypass the missile door and that you'd be unable to break the bomb block after X-ray when you are off screen.
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Sniqq: 2014-06-04 07:14:25 am
That's the issue if you use the method I used. But there are possibly other ways to enter the room when you start OoB abuse from pre-pb room. You might have to abuse other save file though to manipulate the OoB

Total (Tewtal) knows this OoB manipulation stuff better than me so you should ask him
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Sniqq: 2014-06-04 11:07:53 am
http://www.twitch.tv/sniqwc3/c/4392105 theres the new method of getting OoB which is even humanly feasible. this also works reversed if the door has nothing behind it

Also you actually end on right side of x-ray room if you do the method I attempted. If you were to end on left side copy room you might be even able to powerbomb and break the block through wall
Almost happy
Have you found what's necessary to create the correct doorblock though? It would be nice to use that method as it only requires 1 pause instead of the 12-13 or something that's necessary for horizontal doors without speedbooster.
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Sniqq: 2014-06-04 02:26:23 pm
Sniqq: 2014-06-04 02:25:36 pm
We figured yesterday with total that if we use another save file , play that all the way to GT code, return to the same room (left from ship) , x-ray to OoB and climb to specific height and x-position and then x-ray down and then die and load the other save file which has 0-2% items and door block with number 81 will be in the oob (81 is equal to 01) which will transition samus to ship area.. so going all the way to GT code and climb oob with x-ray and die would take longer than 12-13 pauses but at least that method works for unassisted runs. There might be other faster way to make 81 or 01 block spawn in the OoB though , like visiting in a specific room and then dying but we havent figured
also visiting landing site clears the 81 block so you need to re-do the modification after you get powerbombs.. so it isnt any faster but its humanly  feasible
Almost happy
Ok, so the fastest method should still probably be getting morphball and missiles without doing anything out of the ordinary, doing the pause OoB from the landing site twice to get PBs and to pass the green door, and then going to X-ray and back without anything particularly weird happening. There would have to be a big skip to justify another pause to OoB through a horizontal door as that takes around 40 seconds to set up. I had an idea of entering Green Brinstar via pause buffer from the morphball room and then get back to grab the PBs from the morphball room, but you get stuck in the middle of a bunch of solid blocks, and you won't be able to get to the PBs without bombs anyway (if they are even there before you pick up the main missiles and get back up from the elevator). I'm having trouble thinking of any other big potential skips that wouldn't take way to long to set up. I'm not going to go past the landing site yet though.
Super Secret Area - Dead Ahead!
Quote from Cpadolf:
(if they are even there before you pick up the main missiles and get back up from the elevator)
Just confirming that they're not there until the event has been triggered.
BTW is the "few hundred frames faster" door block reachable unassisted? I mean if it improves unassisted any% glitched runs aswell it would be nice if you had a .SMV file or youtube video of it
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It's at around position X=64500 and Y=1600. It's going to be faster only when going directly to the PB room and not triggering the escape or anything. I imagine it should be reachable unassisted but the problem is that in order to be placed at the right position after the door transition you have to touch it from underneath, which means morphing and demorphing in mid air at just the right time, then doing "reverse down" to get under the block before extending your hitbox to touch it.
Almost happy
Also very cool that you managed to prove the possibility of 4% unassisted!