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Which type of metroid do you like
Normal (4)
Alpha (1)
Gamma (0)
Zeta (0)
Omega (0)
Queen (1)
Baby (4)
None of the above (0)
Sorry if this has been done before please participate and comment why you chose what you chose
Thread title: 
red chamber dream
where's prime??
Sorry but this is miiros and not the whole franchise or there would be dark or phazon or fisson metroids
Again I am so sorry gosh choose one of the above
Does Fusion Samus count?
Sure it's the same metroids
Alpha, because it resembles Alpha males such as myself
Not impossible
just highly unlikely
I like THE BABY, because it led to the greatest Metroid game of all time, Other M.
Ah an older one by myself hello
Ah, I remember this thread. Good times, good times.