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thanks, I might just use a non low% save to practice that technique, since there are no saves near the first omega. I just need to get better at predicting their swoops
missles aren't the problem, its energy
I see.

this is my speed run but wind it on to the omegas. It's been a while but it should provide some kind of movement idea to manipulate them to stand still.
oh yeah, that's perfect! thanks again
I was wondering if there was any viable way to dodge the stuff the queen spits out after her attack phase, thus far it has seemed impossible to me, which would mean 3 etanks are needed to beat the game without varia
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Pawbdr: 2013-09-22 10:23:11 pm
I never figured out that you could bomb the queen from the inside until like my 4th play through so I had come up with a technique that let me live long enough to shoot her with the 100-150 missiles needed or something like that. It's been an insanely long time so I don't remember exactly but my method was to every time she shoots them spider ball into the top (or bottom? Can't remember...) right corner and post there. You'll only get hit by one of the things she spits out but once you see their movement pattern it's easy to time it and dodge the only one that would hit you. Sorry it's a super vague description but try it out and you'll see what I mean
I just realized missiles kill them and standing on the far right side is always safe when spamming. I feel stupid and angry at the same time