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Opium: 2011-08-15 10:00:34 am
Opium: 2011-08-15 10:00:14 am
Quote from TheGreenManalishi:

Keep in mind that words with a parentheses directly next to the first or last letter will not really show up in a search, so you may want to change some of those.
Cool stuff, btw.
I've got watchers and the starting bids are all prices I'd be happy for the stuff to sell for and it's all pretty reasonable so I'm not worried.
Too cool castlevania stand-up arcade game!  Haven't seen one of those since I was like 15!

Club 27 Goals

Holy fuck.

I wonder if I'd be able to get a credit card in less than 5 days, buy it, and then run away to mexico.

or should I say, FLY AWAY TO MEXICO
Super Secret Area - Dead Ahead!
Poision Envy = E-Pony Vision. aiwebs_004
Club 27 Goals
Anagrams are fun AND educational!

You get a cookie for figuring it out first though.
Whomever wears this wins the nerd of the millenium award:

At first you would think that some tard doesn't know how to spell succubus, but then they spell it correctly immediately after SUCKABUS.  WTF?  Almost as lame as MAJOR MASH.

Super Secret Area - Dead Ahead!
You'd probably prefer an incubus anyway. Razz
Can't tell if I like it or not:
Super Secret Area - Dead Ahead!
Looks OK, but not super.  It's funny how it's labelled as RARE, when he's building them himself.  Why not "SUPER, ULTRA RARE!  ONLY ONE IN EXISTENCE!" Razz
search engine optimization.
Super Secret Area - Dead Ahead!
No doubt.  I remember when people used to tag 'RARE' even when the deal was for things like FIFA, where there were a bajillion copies available. aiwebs_004
Club 27 Goals
that's a pretty cute avatar there nate.

as for the super metroid statue, eh, it's alright. bit too much cleavage to be putting up around in a room. unless you're into that kind of thing.
Super Secret Area - Dead Ahead!
Never mind cleavage.  Give me titties.
Club 27 Goals
oh Quietus, behave.
Super Secret Area - Dead Ahead!
Club 27 Goals
oh what the hell, looking at nate's avatar now it's totally different than what it was when I was at work.
Club 27 Goals
anime girls are always cute
Club 27 Goals
The other one he made sold for $280:

Shame I don't have a job, blue chicks are always awesome

WTF?  This one AR card is up to $212.50, and there's still a whole day left!
Club 27 Goals

I won! I wish...
I like turtles.
Quote from Opium:

WTF?  This one AR card is up to $212.50, and there's still a whole day left!

That's gross
poision's is grosser