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Says the one with an avatar like that :P
Quote from Opium:

WTF?  This one AR card is up to $212.50, and there's still a whole day left!

Holy crap !  It finished over $350
DOUBLE Holy Crap !  Over $500 for one stinking KI card !
Club 27 Goals

buy my shit yo
Club 27 Goals

ooooo, this is a neat find. a Rating-Pending collectors edition of League of Legends.

It's a huge gamble though, I searched around everywhere online to try and find if this version has any goodies in it and couldn't find anything. Going to drop at most $55 on it. I figured it's safe to post this on here since I doubt any of ya'll play LoL.
wtf is a gamecube Q?
Club 27 Goals

Weird, looks like Nintendo wanted to sell a version with a DVD player. Never heard of one before that.
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Opium: 2012-07-10 09:47:52 am
Opium: 2012-07-10 09:47:43 am
its on wikipedia. (oh, duh) I never knew it existed before!  It even has it's own GB Player. 
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Nintendon in charge of awesome advertising of their products~
Club 27 Goals

awwwwww shiiiiiiit bitches, I won it. (Max bid of $80, lol)
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Opium: 2014-11-24 06:19:05 pm

Wish I was rich
never understood the appeal of figurines, especially since most people collect them rather than sell them. but if that's what people are truly into then i guess i can't complain.
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never understood the appeal of art, especially since most people collect them rather than make them
I never knew this metroid schwag existed: