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okay so i read all about ghetto jumping and i still cant seem to do it.

Im playing Prime trilogy on the wii,

so this is what im doing, im standing on the post with Z held in, then i double jump to the little light thing, and then i have been doing a bunch of different things to get it to work like

after i Z+double jump to the thing i will just keep stick forward cuz that was the only time i got it to work was by doing that,
OR ill either jump then let the stick go after i hit the jump button the second time mid air, or ill double jump to it and then try to pull the stick back but that seems hard cuz i dont know when to do it and how much to pull back

then i saw this other post that said to pull back and then push foward again like a ? when u start on the ground.

ive looked at all the videos but none actually talk so i dont know what they are doing and when they are doing it

can anyone help me?
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I've only done the Temple Transport C SW and only on GC, but I think it should work the same.

So when you are on teh post, you want to ghetto of the branch on the right first, but there is a ceiling or something that is blocking your jump, so you don't want to ghetto too much on it. For the 2nd jump the optimal timing is later than for normal jumps, because of the ghetto effect. after the first jump, all I do is just holding forward and jump pretty much. I hope this helps.