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They taste best with salt
This game should be ported (not remade) for the 3DS. It seriously needs a portable release, and I would be the first to buy it! What is everyone's thoughts on this? Who thinks this game is awesome?
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I'm no sure I would buy it, but I would play it.  Especially since it currently works so crappily on the DS.
They taste best with salt
How can you use it on a DS?Question
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Opium: 2012-07-10 10:42:10 pm
Opium: 2012-07-10 10:41:13 pm
I use snemulds, and it has a lot of BG layer priority issues.

You can download it here: http://www.snemul.com/ds/
They taste best with salt
I see. But this is not official, so maybe a real official release would be better.
Maybe.  I haven't played super metroid on anything but emulators for so many years that I think I would have a hard time adjusting to the button layout.  Not to mention having to wait for door transitions and hearing that horrible fanfare every time you pick up an item.
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Hehe, fast forward is great for those.  I've done a few (emulated) speedruns lately, and the noise drives me potty with no speed up.
Besids, I don't want to buy the game for the 4th freakin' time.
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They need to make it so that when you pick up an expansion, it doesn't freeze the action, display a black bar of text, or play the fanfare, it would just show some text in the corner and play that sound that you hear when you pick up an expansion in Zero Mission, but leave the action unfrozen.

As for door transitions, there should be a way to turn them off, and just have the screen quickly fade out and back in (about half a second at the most) when you enter another room.
It would have to be a remake for me to get it.

I know there's a patch out for the Snes version to give it ZM controls, but 1) I can't patch a DS cart and 2) I'd like to be holding the controller in my hands while playing (a 360 controller just doesn't work).

I'd love to see a remake on the 3/DS with the new portable controls, but that's the only way I'd like to see it.
Ta'kaya as "Teyla the Demiphoenix"
Somebody was working on a Super Metroid remake, but they went silent since 2010. I don't know of any other person(s) working on one.