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Almost happy
I recently finished a new Super Metroid TAS that abuses the Space/Time beam to do "stuff" to the game. The glitching at the end was developed and performed by amaurea and total over at tasvideos, as that stuff is far beyond my technical knowledge. They wrote some informative comments about it over here. It would seem that the only way to theoretically improve upon this beyond a potential handfull of seconds of optimization before GT and maybe another way to trigger the ending faster afterwards would seem to be to glitch out of bounds with X-ray and make some hitherto unknown magic happen. It doesn't seem terribly likely but this game is bonkers so who knows.

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not evil,just hungry
This run brought to you by debug codes, ROM manipulation, and RAM manipulation.

Super Secret Area - Dead Ahead!
Haha, it's nearing the point where Ceres will be longer than the actual game. aiwebs_004
A Washing Machine
Wow I didn't realize how much you guys broke this game. Good Job
I love how it even accomplishes the "Save the Animals" ending.
I run this here hotel of an evening
Thanks a lot. Now I have to change my pants.
Abandon All Hope !!