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JaggerG: 2014-06-05 11:57:39 am
Shifty Leader
That M2k2 guy
Posting to make sure you guys agree on rules for SRL. These are already agreed upon by those of us currently racing, but as a formality, I'm looking to make them official on the race page.

Game: Metroid Fusion
Shorthand: fusion
Rules: Timer starts from the Continue option on a Main Deck 00:00 file before talking to Adam. The easiest means to get such a file is to start from a blank file, go through the intro, and reset as soon as Adam sends you the map for the Main Deck after you land. Alternatively, if you like having the in-game timer on the pause screen, you can beat the game saveless, then Continue from that file.

Timer ends after the final boss, as soon as you lose control (as the ship begins to pull you up into it).

The game must be played in English, unless the category specifies another language. Other than that, standard SRL rules apply.
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A Washing Machine
Looks good. I can't argue with that.