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Who ever said space pirates were dangerous?

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My main reason for posting this is that I couldn't stop laughing when it happened, but I also wanted to ask something. One of the space pirates shot through the one that I stunned and he didn't seem to die (he flashes but I don't know if that's just him unstunning, and there's no death noise) and both shots go through him. So are space pirates immune to damage when stunned?
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The shots are supposed to kill stunned pirates and it shouldn't go through him like that.  So maybe they were too close together?  I know you can see a similar situation consistently (no stun) at the very end if you walk under the pirate that jumps out of your escape ship and hop right in without killing him.  Two pirates appear as you fly away and the one further back shoots through the second one without hurting him.  So probably just a distance thing?