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Club 27 Goals
Over the past month or so I've been making some perler things in my free time, and tonight I finished making a Metroid and I figured that since this is a metroid site I should post it here as well as my other things.

If any of you guys have made perler stuff feel free to post it and stuff.

Here's the metroid I just finished making a little bit ago. He used a LOT of black beads. I made this for Andrew (spidey-widey) for his birthday. It might not be the zero mission metroid sprite, but whatever.

Oh no, it appears my cat has fallen victim to the metroid, poor kitty :(

Next we have an Articuno I made for another friend for his birthday. I had to make this one pretty fast because I was already late to his party by the time I finished making the black-bead outline.


(I realized after melting him that the two black beads by his feet look like a penis, which I totally didn't mean to do, so I broke them off)

and last but not least, we have Corphish. I made him as a test because it was the first one I made, and I wasn't totally sure how to melt them right.

Oh no Corphish, what happened to you?! (I dropped him like half an inch when I moved the peg board to go melt him iirc)

Corphish crawlin around on my monitor

Run corphish, that isn't a pokemon!

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I like turtles.
They look good.  Especially the Metroid.
hahaha. corphish is great

i'd do perler stuff myself, if there wouldn't always be holes left inside the tiles
You just have to press a bit harder Ryu.
Quote from sabata2:
You just have to press a bit harder Ryu.

i doubt that would do it. otherwise i'd have seen lots of pics of perler stuff w/o those holes already
One shall stand, one shall ball.
Oh no Corphish, run faster!
Club 27 Goals
It is possible to make it so there aren't any holes, but in order to do that it would end up being really thin and just wouldn't look good imo. I'm not sure why some beads closed up while others stayed open, I guess they were just made slightly different than the others.
gyrotechnic lollipop

metroid looks especially amazing :D
Every day is a happy day! :)
Win, great descriptions.
gyrotechnic lollipop
i made a plup
he's all i've made so far; i got booted off the kitchen table and we haven't cleaned off the table that i'm going to use yet

gyrotechnic lollipop
oh i also made this but never ironed it because i didn't have room to complete it

Every day is a happy day! :)
gyrotechnic lollipop
love her japanese name so switching to lilligant is going to be hard

red chamber dream

looks awesome
did this one show up?
Club 27 Goals
gyrotechnic lollipop

the background for her transformation scene is heterosexuality.
gyrotechnic lollipop
bitchita, kansass
red chamber dream
:O looks awesome
Club 27 Goals
Decided to start working on Perler stuff again. I plan on making at least 5 of these small little League of Legends sprites.

I got Annie and her bear Tibbers done pretty much. I ran out of black so I need to buy more before I can outline the bear.

Those are some of the others I plan to make next. They're the champs my waifu plays the most so I figured I'd make some and just give them to her as a surprise gift BECAUSE I AM NOT A CRAFTY MAN AND CANT MAKE ANYTHING ELSE.