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i noticed nobody did post anything about artwork of all the metroid games topic, so i'll post them.

go to this site: http://mdb.classicgaming.gamespy.com/?g=m2&p=artwork
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defrag in progress
Most people around here are pretty familiar with MDB, so I guess nobody bothered posting it.
Anyway, thanks to your thread I just had a look and there`s a manga of M1 from 1986!
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Jeebus, that thing is almost stereotypically Japanese, both insultingly so and batshit enough to be WTF humorous.  Well, Zero Mission certainly didn't take cues from that ship, and what's with the bikini babes (and Samus's satisfaction)?  The eyes, what exactly do they make me think of (though, thinking on it, the soot creatures from Spirited Away could qualify, but likely aren't my inspiration).  Around the dodgevolleyball page I figured it akin to DragonBall style lunacy, after equating the style to Astroboy and its ilk/kin.  Stopped (for now...) after backtracking from the crashlanding (and subsequent zoomer (or is it geemer?) freak-out) page to see that Zebes really is shown as metallic (and, thus, Unicorron was the closest equation).
interesting how samus talks in a manly way.

tsui ni sukuryuu atakku wo te ni ireta zo!!

pretty epic though ... how it guides you through the game with manga. doesn't have anything after mother brain though - no escape and certainly no megaspoilerz about samus's gender. very interesting.