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Check interdpth's post.
Apparently, you need the all necessary VB6 Runtimes.


Happy Hacking!
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Cant someone make a fusion editor? :P
Someone can.
But nobody won't. :(
Unless you find out all Metroid Fusion data, and a decompressor for necessary gfx and stuff.
Nobody won't?  That means everyone will, and that is pretty obviously wrong.

This looks pretty neat, although I'll probably never be using it, as I don't use emulators.
nobody won't = nobody will not = two negatives = not standard english

probably you mean nobody will, someone will not, that kind of thing.
Pardon my bad English Language.
l'appel du vide
Quote from Raccoon Sam:
Pardon my bad English Language.

Jiminy Christ-corn, Raccoon!  You don't capitalize "language"!  Gah!  My eyes!  Oh me, oh my!  Wah-wah-gah-mah-soh-see-saw!

With that out of the way...I love the program.  Cleaner than SMILE.
I apologise my capitalization mistakes.

But yeah. Glad you like it.
l'appel du vide

Hah, I had forgotten all about Acmlm's Board...I'll have to start visiting there again...

Has anyone made a hack with this yet, Sam?
No idea.
I hope someone makes an introduction hack or something, I'd love to see what the editor is capable of.
Quote from nate:
nobody won't = nobody will not = two negatives = not standard english

Actually, it's perfectly acceptable - it's used for precision in certain circumstances, as in compulsion.
perhaps in your dialect, yes. ;P
Quote from nate:
perhaps in your dialect, yes. ;P

I am the English Major. I know all.

And BOT: Who's up for re-drafting RoS?
maybe you thought i meant two negatives in general; i did not. i was referring only to that example.
Ah, sweet clarity.  extra_smug
Beware: off duty ninja
Shocked  dear god I have to get this  . . . . nice find raccoon sam, very nice find . . .I'm speechless. and downloading.
Guess what he implemented now:
l'appel du vide
laugh new  Word.
Holy sweet Mother of Lord Freakin' Jesus tap-dancing Christ on a pogo stick playing DDR with his feet tied up... Why VB6? Why? o_O
Ready and willing.
Heheheh, I noticed that too and contemplated saying something similar, but in the end I decided I wasn't knowledgeable enough to throw it out.
What are your opinions on its current name?
He named it "Ziffie", resembling to "ZiFfiE", which means "Zero Fusion Editor".

I personally think it should be "Zero Fission".
Having a hint to both GBA Metroids; Mission resembling to Fission, and Fission to Fusion, while still describing exactly what the editor does:
Takes the game apart.
l'appel du vide
Ziffie > Zero Fission
my umbrella goes directly to Bankai
i would like to play through Fusion with ZM's engine and viceversa.

this looks very interesting.
Quote from PiccoloCube:
i would like to play through Fusion with ZM's engine and viceversa.

They already share the same engine (Wario Land 4 if I'm not mistaken?), it's the set of physic (and other) variables that differ. I'm not sure if this editor will have such a functionality (I'm not much into romhacking so I wouldn't know), but if it will, it'd be very nice to fool around with it.

What upsets me more is that it'd most certainly be impossible to fully recreate M2 RoS's environment due to the lack of respective metroid behaviour code and graphics (thankfully, most of the other enemies from there exist in Fusion). Otherwise it'd be a very cool project.
I asked if he'd add support for Wario Land 4.
He responded; "Only if the headers are exactly the same, otherwise No"