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It's already known that a flying cow rarely appears during Shriekbat Shootout on the Pirate Frigate table. However, you can actually get 100,000 points from it! Shooting it yields nothing, but you have to let it fly into you; you take no damage. I couldn't find this anywhere; even Wikitroid didn't seem to know until I added it.
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oh i forgot about this game
what the fuck this might actually be a thing
red chamber dream
why would the op be lying lol
news to me :P
Yeah, it's 100% true; I was curious to see what would happen if you let it touch you. The problem was that I couldn't get it to appear; it's a very rare spawn. Once I did, I tested it and there you go!

It's been good practice for the Pirate Frigate table, and I've been able to get an outstanding Multi Mission score of over 61 million and 4 completions (!) by changing my strategy. Instead of avoiding the Frigate completely (as Tallon Overworld is much safer), I actually started in the Frigate, got two Extra Balls unique to the Frigate and nine Artifacts there, setting me up nicely to get the first completion without touching the Overworld; thus keeping it at Level 1 for the second runthrough and allowing me to get the Overworld's Extra Balls later. It really boosted my high score; my previous best had me die at Prime's second form after two completions.
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sure looks like a pig to me...
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You guys are dicks, I posted about this on my old account YEARS ago and I got banned and the thread got locked. My friend did actually see this and he told me it was a sheep, so then I posted this thread.

rotfl yoshi's post there
red chamber dream
compare your post to this thread's op's and you might see why you were banned and not them. ;)
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As Metroid Prime Pinball moderator I can confirm that this is true.
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would be awesome if soap had every board but this one on ignore
red chamber dream
and added email notify for this one
Ha, I can just imagine Soaprman eagerly awaiting each new post on this board, and as soon as something is discovered, it gives him an excuse to insert Metroid Prime Pinball and try it! I bet he spent hours trying to get the cow to appear, just so he could verify this and give it his stamp of approval!
and white wine
Oh, I haven't tried it. I just confirmed it with my authority as Metroid Prime Pinball moderator is all.