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red chamber dream
you know, i've come around to thinking retro is the best choice. still not a great choice, but nintendo needs a western studio for this, retro has the experience, and i'm sure they have some new devs that might be able to make a great prime game

i really loved tropical freeze so hey maaaaybe
red chamber dream
oh wow kingdom hearts 3 is out. fuck, january went quick

i.. i guess i need to play that...
I like turtles.
Not out in the West yet though, technically. :( I'm trying to be patient until Tuesday.
red chamber dream
ohh ok, i saw people playing it on youtube and assumed
We've come a long way. I remember KHII taking years to come to europe
red chamber dream
ah that's pretty cool
I chedked it was like 9 months, but it felt like years back then lol
red chamber dream
lol i'm almost 30 now and i have a couple of friends in their early 20s

we'll be talking about something and they're like man that was ages ago.. and i'm like what do you mean, it was just last year

and they're like i know, it was over a year ago!

then i realize yeah i'm old
quick kill yourself before it's too late and you're 30!!!!!
red chamber dream
eh it's entirely likely
that took a dark turn I didn't expect
but for real? you seemed to be the one guy who's doing well here, always traveling and making career
red chamber dream
yeah i guess that's true
red chamber dream
tetris 99 looks awesome. it's like, it gives everyobe a chance to find out how good they really are at tetris, and gives a way to continuously improve against real people

pretty neat
I didn't think of that.

But frankly I don't care much about Tetris, including how good I am at it lol
red chamber dream
i don't either. i just find it interesting