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red chamber dream
eyy i have eevee, let me know if you wanna trade sometime. i want to get all 150

guess it's time I start looking for ways to get my shinies from a japanese copy of X onto my local region's account
red chamber dream
i've heard it's way easier to get shinies now

for wild pokemon anyway, not the legendaries
red chamber dream

ahh this is amazing
red chamber dream
epic seems like a pretty decent company, i hope they give valve a run for their money
This isn't the same Epic as Epic Megagames, is it?

also itch.io has been offering better revenue split for a while now...it's even customizable
red chamber dream
no it's epic games

you know, fortnite, unreal engine, gears of war
Quote from arkarian:
no it's epic games

you know, fortnite, unreal engine, gears of war
It probably says something about me that I have honestly never heard of them to any notability.

I'm aware of each of those things individually; I didn't know the same publisher was behind them.  (The Unreal Engine is probably the least distant from me, as I've probably played a game or two using it.  Not sure how to check...)
wait they ARE Epic Megagames!  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Epic_Games

And they are the folks behind Epic Pinball too

so I have known them for a while
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incidentally it looks like I recently bought Jill of the Jungle and also played Dare to Dream 2 many many years ago

also I have Tyrian 2000 as a GOG freebie and I think i have the Jazz Jackrabbit soundtrack via one of the Game Music Bundles

aside from that I actually have heard of most of the more recent games they've done, because they are all pretty famous; just that none of them were on my radar as something i want to play, except Shadow Complex which I know as a metroidvania.  (e.g. i never played Unreal Tournament)
red chamber dream
i jilled urmom in the jungle
ebin :-DDDD
red chamber dream
you know, i don't think i've actually ever completed an nes game, like gotten to the end ....

the closest thing would be metroid on emu, which i have finished, but i think that's the only one
red chamber dream
hmm maybe contra too with the konami code, can't remember what the end of that game is like though
red chamber dream
ah fuck i always forget kirby's adventure is nes not snes, i played that on wii u
i beat SMB1 on an NES back in the day; 'twas probably the first NES game I beat, aside from maybe some short games I may have rented.  dunno.  it was an accomplishment.

I just forget whether I beat it before or after I beat SMW1 and SMW2YI.

I never did beat SMB3 on an actual NES itself though, despite really wanting to.

I've beaten NES games on other platforms but on the NES itself is another thing.