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Anyone else played Space Child or Nakawak?

They remind me of Metroid II, particularly Space Child, which I think is intentional on the dev's part.
But did the dev know there's other Metroid games to get inspiration from
lmao I didn't want K.Rool be in until now. That trailer is great and I realize it was about time that guy got to show up in another game.
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Glenn Magus Harvey: 2018-08-16 04:30:27 pm
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Playing the latest version of AM2R.  Since I've played it before, I'm doing it on hard, and on "Game Boy" colors.  And with the Metroid II GB soundtrack (that someone helpfully put together for AM2R).

Hard mode is kicking my ass.  Must have spent an hour fighting the Weapon Tester.

edit: whoops I thought this was the currently playing thread.  Not sure if can delete post.  derp
red chamber dream
it's so cool that there's no level requirements for equipping weapons in octopath traveler. imma do the storylines for 4 characters first, then blow through the other 4's super quick
red chamber dream
ooh civ vi on switch. maybe i'll actually play this one
This is kinda cool for castlevania fans


Didn't they already have both games for PSP?

edit: Oh, I see, it's apparently original Rondo that's being emulated this time, not remade.  And presumably original SotN, so no extra areas and no Maria mode of either kind, I guess?
One shall stand, one shall ball.
Like, five people have PSPs anyway.
Exactly.  I really love the PSP version, but I only got to play it for a few hours before our PSP bricked on us.  I really wish they would release the PSP Rondo on another platform. 
Has anyone played Timesplitters or Sundered?
This 2D souls clone looks kind of interesting.  Blasphemous
Doesn't the PSTV play PSP games?  Last I heard it was like $40.
The first trailer of Blasphemous was so gory I found it hard to take seriously. Like they were trying too hard to be cool.
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Opium: 2018-10-01 08:40:46 am
That sounds like SLAIN.  SLAIN is the same art style as Blasphemous and has tons of blood squirting everywhere.
red chamber dream

this is pretty cool haha
I like turtles.
I saw that the other day, funny that you don't even need Stasis to go into low orbit now.
Hey, anyone used any of 8BitDo's SNES-style + analog sticks gamepads?  If so, what are your thoughts on it?
Quote from Opium:
That sounds like SLAIN.  SLAIN is the same art style as Blasphemous and has tons of blood squirting everywhere.

ok I'll have to look these two titles up and see what's up lol

Quote from arkarian:
this is pretty cool haha

that's the canon storyline when Link immediately regains his memories. He forgets the Master Sword because he's still half asleep
red chamber dream
dang, pokemon let's go is selling like crazy

i guess it's what i expected, but still a little surprising
I like turtles.
Yeah, I dunno, I still think those who genuinely expected it to perform poorly were just secretly hoping it would because they didn't like the idea of Game Freak "dumbing down" the series.
red chamber dream
i get that. god, it's better in so many ways though

but yes i miss some things too
red chamber dream
mario + rabbids with all the dlc is $30 today

the switch sale overall is pretty good, in the us anyway
red chamber dream
might be time to finally play the south park games
i got the world ends with you and let's go pikachu from an amazon sale