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gopherbassist, don't bump year old topics.
well i got the actual  colorized version for real if ya'll want to see it.
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I use both laugh new
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Quote from SuperKeenenBell:
well i got the actual  colorized version for real if ya'll want to see it.

There was no real Metroid II ros DX, it was stated to be released, like LA DX, and Both Castlevania Adventure(in the konami collection), and Belmont's revenge(in another volume of the konami collection), but was scrapped, probably due to the demise of Gunpei Yokoi
How about Super Gameboy Colorized Very Happy
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That's not truly colorized, though. It's just changing the palette to a different set. No matter the room, you're only getting the same four colors (and some blank ones). If you take a look at the video TFJ posted earlier, you may notice Samus and the Metroids have a different color than the surrounding blocks and menu. It looked like at least six distinct colors. Super Gameboy can only fill the colors in the palette that already exists. The "colorized" version they're talking about seems to give more color values to objects.
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*coughTJFcough*  Speaking of that vid, what's the relation of that red 'bar' on the far right and the Queen's neck pieces?
I use custom colors myself but when I played it on the GBA I used one of the many color options it has. I think reverse (black is white, white is black, etc) was my favorite.