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you guys are lazy jerks so there aren't a lot of competitive mzm fusion runs online anywhere. I'm making this thread mainly to have somewhere to link people when they ask "what should I watch to learn fusion 100%?", but I'll add the other stuff too.

This is also not a leaderboards thread. These times may not necessarily reflect each player's best times. The actual leaderboards are here - https://m2k2.taigaforum.com/post/metroid_fusion_leaderboards.html

Any% SS

0:46 by kirbymastah (TWR)
0:47 by dragonfangs
0:47 by secretkey
0:47 by jamillton
0:47 by kahdoom
0:48 by JRP2234
0:50 by aftershock
1:11 by zelkys

100% SS

1:05 by biospark (WR)
1:07 by kirbymastah
1:07 by dragonfangs
1:07 by secretkey
1:07 by kahdoom
1:08 by jamillton


0:47 SS by biospark (WR)
0:49 SS by kirbymastah
0:50 SS by jaggerg


WIP segmented by biospark
0:53 SS by spidey-widey

100% Map Completion

1:40 SS by UchihaSDA

If you guys have PBs of your videos (preferably youtube), then link them here! I know I'm missing countless videos!
Thread title: 
forever seeking the answers.
"you guys are lazy jerks so there aren't a lot of competitive mzm runs online anywhere." >competitive mzm runs >fusion board
That's such a bad copy-paste job, you should be ashamed Kirby.

any% 0:47
100% 1:07
i fixed the 1% ss time, you had 0:47 for some reason
forever seeking the answers.
0:47 any% SS by secretkey
1:07 100% SS by secretkey

1:08 100% SS by Jamillton
0:47 SS by Jamillton
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Jimmyfosho: 2014-02-26 08:04:35 pm
forever seeking the answers.
1:07 100% SS by Kahdoom

whoops forgot I was the one who last posted.  shoutouts to double posts
52 - jaggerg - 1% ss- http://www.twitch.tv/jaggerg/c/2213248
50 - aftershock - any% - http://www.twitch.tv/aftershock779/c/3506675
52 JRP2234 - any% - http://www.twitch.tv/jrp2234gaming/c/3784553
forever seeking the answers.
0:46 any% SS by Kirbymastah
0:45 any% ss by biospark
red chamber dream
the master is back
it was a joke
red chamber dream
then get back to work!
Quote from arkarian:
then get back to work!

stop going to school, get your recording equipment, and go get 0:45 already
A Washing Machine
Apparently I am lazy.
Here is my 50 any% ss
my umbrella goes directly to Bankai
100% map completion in 1:40 for those that care about this sort of thing lol
A Washing Machine
My 49 SS any% run.
http://www.twitch.tv/kahdoom/c/4157339 kahdoom 47
Updated with uchiha, jrp, and kahdoom's times, along with my 0:49 and jaggerg's 0:50 for 1% SS, on youtube
A Washing Machine
I do have a 48 run but the first 12 minutes were not recorded because I am dumb.
I may just combine this thread with the leaderboards, similarly to how t3+mrspedrun requested it in the metroid prime leaderbords thread ( here ). Anyone think we should do that for fusion and mzm as well? If so, I'll poke mobiusman about it
A Washing Machine
That actually might be good idea and convenient for people.
so i got this video of this 1% time.

forever seeking the answers.
You might as well delete all the Jamillton ones since he deleted his twitch account.
A Washing Machine
I have a fully recorded 48 run now but it is a bit sloppy than my older 48. still 7 frames faster. I will upload when I can.
French Metroid Prime Speedrunner
My actual PB(language is French & English), Will be improve quickly