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That's right... I died on the 2nd escape from Celestial Archives because I went the wrong way a few times, the Guardian fights added to my stress causing me to miss with the Imperialist a lot, and right before I got to the Celestial Gateway the time ran out and I died. Evil or Very Mad So I ate sandwich & some Apple Sauce and let myself calm down for a couple of minutes. Then I tried the escape again and made it with over 3:30 to spare. My aim was a lot better this time. I also used a few time savers like falling instead of jumping across the elevators down 2 of the shafts in the area before the boss portal. There weren't as many Guardian battles on my second attempt either so I was happy. laugh new At least one or two on the second escape. The first attempt I had at least 4 or 5 Guardian battles and a Hunter Battle with Sylux and one of the Guardian battles was right before the Celestial Gateway. On my first attempt I tried activating the switch for the 2nd Portal to see if it would work like it did during my first escape from Arcterra when I got the Imperialist during the escape. It didn't work this time so I was like, "That's a mean joke game." Somehow the room with the big hole in it with the big jumping part and robots wasn't that bad. The 1 counts for my death on the second escape and the 2 counts for me getting both of the Octoliths in Celestial Archives.
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