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The concept of a low% run using item loss to revert Samus's inventory to 0% was attempted by several members in the past, but the discussion was sparked again recently when Hazel mentioned it in twitch chat. I decided to look into it again and came up with a different route.

The biggest obstacles, opening up the puzzle for screw attack and leaving without getting the upgrade, and collecting all the sky temple keys, was solved. Thanks to Justindm for testing out my idea of a reverse grand abyss and coming up with a viable method, as well as an easier method for Hive Temple escape without screw attack.

This resulted in a 5% run, which means after item loss the run collected Space Jump, Light Suit, Screw Attack, Spider Ball, and Bombs. However, whiskers really wanted to see 4% happen (skipping space jump) which brought on a whole new set of obstacles to get past and increased the difficulty of the run tenfold. With a lot of collaboration between the two of us, 4% finally happened.

This run is...absolutely insane. I can't believe it's even possible.

The route is not optimized in my opinion (and seekers first is so slow). This route (with some changes from whiskers) was the first thing that came to mind and it actually flows pretty well. The main benefit is doing a one trip sanctuary before item loss since you have dark visor before sanctuary. It will be interesting to see how that develops in the future. An obvious change would be to skip getting dark suit before item loss, but as you will see that is going to be a challenge.


I do plan to eventually add more detailed comments because this run requires a BLIND, difficult wallcrawl in light show to the hive entrance key, and you are NOT ALLOWED to morph because you end up losing your map. It is also possible to die and softlock during the wallcrawl. I was crazy enough to do it SS :)

I did lose a lot of time during the lightshow wallcrawl, but this is still a pretty good demonstration of the run (despite the length). It is probably best to watch it muted due to the audio desyncs.


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Part-time philosopher
This is absolutely amazing. I have no idea how you pulled it off but you did great!
red chamber dream
ss? jesus christ, nice work
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ryu: 2019-05-18 01:05:36 am
I should check these boards more often. Awesome job