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MP2 also a bit MP1 speedrunning
We all know that conversation about wether you can do 100% without ils or not. I've seen zfg doing no nsr runs in oot 100%.
The idea is to finish the game with all the items there are, duping items is allowed. Therefore it wouldnt be allowed to just dupe cobalt all the time, which would be lame as hell.
Very interesting category which i wanna run at some point.

That would also allow the now NSR low% speedruns, which means what you collect doesnt matter, but what you have at the end does. So you could open up everything ect. and do IL.
you might be able to finish with 5% or lower, both would be very interesting cause of the creative routes and it would create new categories, which would feel quite legit.
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No source requirement.

I'd much rather see somebody find item loss skip in 100% (find an sw in the room with item loss) than to see somebody run this. Also 5% wouldn't be possible even with late item loss, there's one key you can't get at the moment.
I run this here hotel of an evening
Which key?
Hive Dynamo Works
MP2 also a bit MP1 speedrunning
couldnt you turn in all the keys before doing item loss
You need screw attack to progress in sky temple therefore you need to collect screw attack after item loss and after grabbing all the keys. I think there are other restrictions too.
MP2 also a bit MP1 speedrunning
oh right yeah theres one in temple grounds you cant get i think
Have fun duping cobalt several times and resetting if you miss it a single time
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MP2 also a bit MP1 speedrunning
duping cobalt wouldnt do anything. You'd still need every main item/expansion/e tank. So you'd get everything in 100% except you do ILS. you'd also skip grapple guardian, bomb guardian, spider guardian, jump guardian, 1 missile which takes the longest to get (probably dark missile trooper), boost guardian and the missile at IL.
I personally like watch much more speedruns without used secret worlds because these speedruns are real.
careful you don't cut yourself on that edge
I run this here hotel of an evening
Personally I really wanna see a "fully optimized" in-bounds only TAS. Not against SWs whether it's TAS or not though. It's just as real. Merely a different category IMHO

Also there's less variety of those runs to choose from.

Must be because of that sharp edge :D