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that's weird, new static threads show up on the bottom.
my umbrella goes directly to Bankai
yeah, that's weird.
red chamber dream
tdk: that's because i made all of them stickies
why would you need to do that? it's not like people are going to make threads that aren't static.
was wondering the same thing myself.
red chamber dream
i was planning on stickying everything until there were a lot of threads, then unstickying the less popular ones.
why not just let the popular ones rise to the top?
yeah, popular usually means people post in them.
red chamber dream
lol. i dunno. go ahead and unsticky them if you want.
ark thinks he's so clever.
red chamber dream
think when i created the board i had something else in mind for some reason. no idea what though.
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UchihaSasuke: 2010-06-19 09:44:31 pm
my umbrella goes directly to Bankai
i'm going to stream some attempts at mp2wii now.

btw, i learned the hard way you can't just erase a file and retry lol.
my umbrella goes directly to Bankai
today it is exactly 5 years since i got the 64dd and expansion kit so i'm going to play some fzx to celebrate.
red chamber dream
oh nice
my umbrella goes directly to Bankai
i'm going to play some f-zero gx now. i want to do something for SDA but first i have to check if my skill is up to the job.
Bananas GOOD, Kremlings BAD
All I can say is: Have at it!  I KNOW this must take a BUNCH of patience to run well.
my umbrella goes directly to Bankai
i'm going to play a bit of majora's mask to celebrate the 10th anniversary.
it's the anniversary?
red chamber dream
yesterday was
God damnit... now I feel like I have to buy the VC version.
it's bomb, shield, stab, stab, stab, shield, backflip isn't it?
The wandering Space Dragon
Just wondering. Which game is this?
Its not familiar to me. O.o
The wandering Space Dragon
oh wait...