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I don't know, would you? If we're talking about effectiveness, probably not. If you want to play a caster, that's a different story.

DS3 Flynn's works that way, DS2 Flynn's only cares about your max equip load. As long as you have 14 (iirc) VIT or less you'll get the full damage bonus, doesn't matter if you wear armor or not.

You can buy gold pine resin from the disembodied head in Shaded Woods.

Why do you die in one hit, especially while stacking dark defense? Being able to take a hit would probably help more than anything else.
As I was buying human effigies, I realized that ranged would make all the difference in the end.  I went back in and used fire orb pyromancy after he split in two and BAM that bitch is dead.
I need help.  I don't understand how to compare the staves/catalysts/chimes/spell tools.  In DS1 it was all about MagAdjust, but in DS2 I don't know what I'm looking for.  The wiki doesn't say shit.  I remember that you're supposed to infuse staves with magic but I don't remember why.  :(
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MagAdjust should just be Spell Buff now. And Magic Infusing a staff boosts its magic damage which means more damage for your Sorceries.
Turns out The Surge is actually good! Feels nothing like Lords of the Fallen.
looks interesting
FINALLY stopped messing around and started my NG+ on DKS2.  There was just so much more left to do.  I farmed souls from the giant lord not so much for leveling up but for buying stones and consumables, upgrading weapons and armor. I had no idea how expensive it would be upgrade all my stuff.  What with 99 chunks at 6000 souls a pop, that's roughly 600K souls, and they go quick.  I had to buy 99 shards, large shards, and chunks at least 10 times over.  Most of the eqpt reinforcement didn't really do much, like having a rogue hood with 9 more points of physical protection isn't going to affect my game at all.  The armor and weapons that I favor were already leveled up.  But having +9 on all my other weapons will encourage me to use different ones and step out of my pattern of bident, broadsword, or club for just about everything.  Right now I'm using a lightning infused +9 jeweled scimitar (can't remember what its' called), and it's pretty cool.  If it weren't upgraded then I wouldn't be trying it out. 
So far I'm surprised by the differences.  I thought it would be more like DKS1 where its just stronger enemies, but they've added new enemies and movesets to old enemies.
NG+ in Dark Souls II is really cool. Definitely the game where had the most fun with additional game loops
Yeah I'm loving it. When I first started it, I was thinking that it would be boring until I started doing some of the bosses in the second half of the game.  Not.
I died right away from the horde of falconers.  They actually had falcons this time - and they were attack falcons to boot.  Then another phantom starts shooting me in the butt with arrows when I try to put a smooth and silky stone in the bird nest.  I was like - WHAAAT?  TF

Without knowing what pickups are new, I pick up everything and it sucks because I already have so many duplicates of things I don't want.  The menu is already time consuming to navigate as it is, and now I have to keep cleaning it by putting dups in the bottomless box.  Gavlan's in for a shock when I get to the wharf.

I did respec to have more INT and FAI this time.  I wanted to be able to use crystal magic weapon and sunlight blade.  I did use the spices to lower the reqs for those as much as possible though.  It kind of sucks that I only get 1 use of each between bonfires, though.  Dark Weapon has like 4 or 5.  Is attunement the only stat that affects number of castings?

I respeced FAI and INT with just SB and CMW in mind, but it allows me to use more hexes too.  Dark Orb is more powerful than I thought it would be, and I get like 20 uses.  Nice.

I just got jumped by two phantoms near the first King's door - and they were tough af.
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Yeah Hexes in DS2 are kind of insane, actually.

Also fuck those Falconers and their asshole birds.
I have a question about DS2.  Lost Bastille. I went through it all the way to the Tower Apart bonfire and the elevator that goes to the pirate ship.  Does this mean that no-man's wharf and heide's tower of flame are totally optional?  I thought that you could only get to the Tower Apart bonfire by going through the wharf and killing Flexile Sentry, no? 
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No Man's Wharf is required in the Scholar of the First Sin version, optional in vanilla. Heide's is always required, I think, because of the chick that opens up Huntsman's Copse.

I guess you could skip that if you Bonfire Ascetic The Rotten a few times, though.
Why is no man's wharf required if I don't need to go through it to get to sinner's rise?
I'm going to end up needing to go through it if I want my trophy, though :(

Lucatiel's questline requires it.
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Far as I recall in Scholar you just can't run through the whole Bastille from the Tower Apart Bonfire. Maybe you can, you'd have to fight Ruin Sentinels pretty early and maybe approach everything from a weird direction, I think. Anyway, my understanding is that The Wharf is entirely optional in regular DS2, maybe it's just more encouraged in Scholar. It's been a while.

It's a pretty good area, though, so I just go through it either way.
I was surprised when I found myself at the pirate ship, since I haven't even entered heide's tower of flame yet.  I didn't think it was even possible to get to all the bonfires in lost bastille unless you came from the wharf.  I don't know how I did it, but I certainly didn't do anything fancy.
I have no idea why there isn't a globus cruciger in this game to cast miracles with
One shall stand, one shall ball.
Quote from Opium:
globus cruciger

Seems like a cool thing a cleric has, why not cast miracles with it instead of a rag full of crap with a rubber band on it?

Anyways, just did heide's tower and blue cathedral.  holy red phantoms, batman.  The one guy near the cathedral with the greatshield and blue knight halberd killed me.  Then when I came back and beat him, the game throws two more at me - at the same time.  Thank god for poison.

Also killed lost sinner and screamed when phantoms appeared in the middle of the boss fight.  Sheesh! 
Well Christianity doesn't exist in DS so there wouldn't be Christian icons

We can assume rags full of crap are the equivalent

OK my game is getting weirder regarding the pirate ship.  I went through the wharf and got to the dock where the ship would normally be, but it's gone.  I can see it off in the distance, anchored at Lost Bastille.  Does this mean I can't summon Lucatiel for the Flexile Sentry fight now?  How did I even get to it from Lost Bastille before?  Is something amiss?
Did you ring the bell?
I have to say christianity does exist on souls. Deacons and pontiffs? I think there's a cardinal too, no?
I didn't see a bell.  I'll look again and feel stupid when I find it, thanks.