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red chamber dream
they're great, there's one episode in the first season where some longtime simpsons writers are commentating and offer the r&m creators (who weren't there) a guest r&m intro for the simpsons

they were serious and did it the next season. pretty insane for a first-season show
hah I just looked it up

that was longer than I expected
red chamber dream
lol yeah it's a good one
red chamber dream
you should look up the carl's jr/hardee's commercial if you haven't seen it too
lol "they're stealing stuff rick"
red chamber dream
haha yeah the little details really make it

they did a bunch of claymation shorts too, like only a few seconds long, but i never liked those as much as the above two things
red chamber dream
Quote from DJGrenola:
this is almost certainly not what was intended, but rick almost feels like a metaphor for the internet, you know, he's smarter than you, he's constantly making inroads on your time and forcing you to go on journeys you don't want to go on, and he's a total dick, but you can't get rid of him

oh yeah this is a trope of justin roiland's. most of his previous indie stuff was about some older or greater force imposing its will on a younger or more naive person. pretty fascinating really
yeah R&M with commentary sounds hilarious, I might have to set sail for those sometime
red chamber dream
oh thanks for reminding me, i'll plode em either tonight or this weekend
my kinda tinder gal


reminds me of someone I know, her list would be very different but yeah same principle
fuck yeah this guy gets it

it's weird having a harddrive again after only using 6 SSDs. The sound and crunch of a harddrive writing and reading data sounds so nostalgic.
they used to be so much louder :(
the ones in my RAID hardly make any noise at all
Experts from the government's secret explosives research laboratory will be looking at the evidence from the train and seeing whether it matches anything else they have seen before.

lol, a "secret laboratory"
how do they know of it if it's secret...!
haha I know, I was thinking that
the news is all funny this morning

Asset manager Standard Life Aberdeen has told investors to "just ignore" the fact that North Korea fired a second ballistic missile over Japan.

lol, "just ignore him, he'll get bored eventually"
Quote from Poision Envy:
it's weird having a harddrive again after only using 6 SSDs. The sound and crunch of a harddrive writing and reading data sounds so nostalgic.


I still have one of those upstairs, they were *so loud*
found my old iphone 4s and mistakenly read through my old text messages, jesus fucking christ what an embarassment I was in 2013
red chamber dream
ugh i have to re-plan the trip i'm taking next month since my friend can't make it

i don't really mind but man it's short notice. think instead of 2 weeks in peru i'm going to do 1 and then go somewhere else
red chamber dream
fuck it i think i want to go to maui
red chamber dream
holy crap, flights from maui to denver are only like 300 bucks