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Yol dok, Dovahkiin.
I am working on a fan-fiction in hopes to turn it into Bethesda. Thoughts?

Skyrim Fan-Fiction

Part I:

Noael clenched her fists and focused all her energy, raising her hands to shoulder level. She gritted her teeth and as soon as the energy was gathered, released her hands. The magic worked; her skin became as hard as iron, and just in time too. The arrow connected with her neck and splintered into pieces against the magical defense. Had she been a second late, it would've pierced her throat, killing her instantly.

The bandits were foolish to ambush an adept mage like herself, especially one as skilled in the school of alteration as she was. Despite the bandit's best efforts to bury her in a flurry of arrows, nothing worked. The projectiles harmlessly broke against her hardened skin, rendering their attacks utterly useless.

She changed her energy levels to an entirely different magical type as raging fire engulfed her hands. She released a battle cry as she threw the fire at her attackers on the ridge; both bolts struck the bandits' leader dead center in the chest, ripping his rib cage open and incinerating him instantly. The residual splash consumed four of the others that surrounded him as the rest dropped their weapons and fled.

"That'll teach you to mess with an Altmer," she said to herself, allowing the destructive force in her hands to diminish. It most certainly wasn't the first group of robbers, bandits, or thieves she had encountered, and she couldn't keep count anymore. It seemed like everyone in Skyrim wanted a piece of the pie; and they usually took it by force.

There was a flash of movement from the corner of her eye; with lightning speed she drew her bow, knocked an arrow and fired. The arrow hit the small rabbit and it fell onto the beaten path near her from its hiding place in the snow covered bushes.

"Hmm. Supper."

Despite Noael's ability to generate fire at will, she found it difficult to keep the campfire lit. The snowstorm had moved in quickly. Luckily she had found an abandoned camp with a few still-standing tents, although they made little difference in the fierce wind and snow. Shivering and soaked from the knees down, she removed her gloves and pulled a leg off the well roasted rabbit.

Taking a bite, she couldn't help but notice; things could be worse. There had been no sign of any Dark Brotherhood assassins for days. Had she finally outrun them? Even a borderline master of destruction magic like herself was barely a match for them.

"Especially when they come in packs," she sighed, taking another bite. She savored the juicy flavor of the meat, and as she finished the rest of her meal, it gave her a small feeling of comfort. Covering herself with a large bear hide, Noael closed her eyes and drifted into sleep.

Her rest was interrupted by a rustling sound in the nearby bushes. Instantly, her eyes opened and she scanned the environment available to her in the darkness. She held her breath, waiting for the sound to repeat itself so she could identify its location. After several seconds of listening intently, the uneasy feeling in her stomach forced her to quietly move from the makeshift bed and retrieve her bow.

Noael cursed under her breath. The inclement weather nullified any possible visibility and she would have to use magic to determine the source of the sound. The spell would create light and she would have to take action quickly.

She set down the bow and squeezed her hand tightly. A faint green light began to shine from her clenched fist; immediately she saw the shape of a human, directly outside the tent.

The blade cut through the tent's fabric as Noael's attacker slashed at her with deadly speed; the speed of an assassin. Noael moved her head down just in time to avoid decapitation as she rolled backward and came up on her feet.

Both fireballs hit the target, but flashed away in a ricochet. The dark figure rushed forward for another swing, and Noael foolishly raised her arm in defense instinctively. Coincidentally, the blade connected with her steel wrist guard and her attacker spun the opposite direction to deliver another blow.

Noael quickly casted her defensive spell to harden her skin as the blade connected with her left temple. The assassin's weapon was obviously stronger than iron; it hit her with intense force and Noael felt searing pain in her skull.

She was far from defeated. Noael stepped back to avoid yet another attack, and countered with a front kick to the shadowy figure's midsection, propelling him backwards into the snow.

She needed to act quickly. Clenching her hands once again, her fists began to shake as sparks flew and lightning consumed her all the way to the elbows. Just as the attacker rose from the ground, she released the energy; a direct hit with the thunderbolts.

Noael stood in shock as the assassin continued to rise, unaffected by the attack.

"That's the most powerful spell I know..."

This was not true. She knew another deadly destruction spell, but her teacher from her youth told her never to use it "unless you have no choice."

Her attacker drew a dagger from their boot and started forward as she gathered all the magical energy she possessed into both her hands.

The ground began to shake as the twister surrounding her grew more powerful. The spinning winds quickly caught fire, and Noael cried out in pain as the energies began to damage her internally. When she could contain the force no longer, she released it.

The fire storm engulfed everything within a 20 foot radius; trees were entirely disintegrated and the snow on the ground was instantly melted. Noael collapsed onto her back on the now very dry ground, spent of all her magical strength.

Her eyes widened in terror. There stood the assassin, still unaffected. He began to laugh as Noael desperately tried to move; she felt absolutely exhausted and could barely raise her hands from the ground. 

"The Night Mother has spoken, Altmer." 

The assassin raised his dagger to claim his prize.

"Fus, ro-DAH!"

A blast of wind hit the assassin before he could strike, sending him flying into the air and spiraling down the ridge below.

In Noael's last moments of consciousness, an entirely different figure entered her vision. Then, the black of sleep.

Part II:

Slowly, Noael began to regain consciousness. Her head hurt; she reached to feel it and her hand met a bandage, dried with her own blood.

Disoriented, she found herself in a bed in a small cavern. As she tried to sit up, a hand met her stomach and gently pushed her back down.

"Easy now. You've been out for weeks."

The man spoke with a heavy Nordic accent, and as Noael's vision began to clear, she saw his heavily bearded face.

"A Nord," she grunted. "Lovely."

"Watch your tongue, elf. A second later and you'd be in a bed with the Night Mother."

The words triggered Noael's brain as her memories flooded back to her. "Assassin, fire storm, rabbit...!"

Noael threw herself from the bed and onto the cavern's hard ground in reverence.

"Dovahkiin! I did not remember you. Forgive my insolence!"

The man chuckled in delight. "By Yismir's beard, I am but mortal man! Do not worship me."

Noael looked up at the man in confusion. "But you spoke with the Thu'um! You are Dragonborn!" She shuffled forward and kissed the Nord's boots.

His delight turned to irritation. "I am no Dovahkiin, merely a true son of Skyrim. Now rise, Altmer. You ridicule yourself."

Noael sprung up in disgust and spit the dirt from her mouth. A Nord! She had mistaken a filthy Nord for the ancient warrior of Dragonborn.

"Do not speak of this to anyone, Nord, or I will incinerate you."

The man let out a grunt as he sat down to sharpen a rather elegant looking blade. As he spoke, Noael couldn't help but stare at the weapon in awe.

"You elves are all the same. No respect, even when a man saves your life. And to think, I thought you were quite the looker when I found you out there in the elements."

Noael's mouth gaped open in shock. "How dare you, Nord! You keep your dirty hands away from me!"

"I washed them, I assure you. I would hate for your wounds to become soured, my dear. Now, fancy me your name?"

Noael sat back on the bed, remembering her exhaustion and pain. Even in her distaste for the Nordic people, she had to be grateful; this man was probably the only Nord in existence that would fight a Dark Brotherhood assassin to save an elf. Especially after the many bloody wars elves and Nords fought in the past in which the Altmer nearly wiped the people of Skyrim from history entirely.

"I am Noael, and you are?"

The man turned from his task and set the blade on the nearby wooden table. "That's more like it, Noael. Name's Angren. Angren Shield-Warrior."

"Definitely a Nord's name," she thought to herself. She reached to touch the bandage, but winced in pain. Attempting to take the covering off proved painful as well.

"Now, Noael. You want to tell me what the Dark Brotherhood wants with you, a member of the Blades?"

She looked up in surprise. "How do you know that? That information is secretive."

Angren laughed a long, hearty laugh. "Secretive, she says! Hah. know more about you than you do, my lady! I know you are searching for the Dovahkiin, and I know you are aware of Alduin's return."

Noael shook with fear. Alduin, or "world-eater" in the dragon tongue, was a fearsome and powerful dragon from ages ago who almost consumed all of Tamriel. The beast was known to travel to Sovngarde and devour the souls of the dead before they reached eternal rest.

"You're quite knowledgeable on the subject," she replied. "Alduin's return isn't a matter of chance; it's prophecy. He will return, and if you know of the Dovahkiin, you know that only he can stop Alduin. Whoever and wherever the Dovahkiin is."

There was a long silence as Angren resumed his work, this time with a large battle axe, this weapon even more impressive than the previous one.

"If you are not the Dovahkiin, then how is it you speak with the voice? How did you use the Thu'um to save me? How did you shout?"

Without stopping his work, Angren spoke. "The voice is not exclusive to the Dragonborn, Noael. However; only the Dragonborn is gifted with instant mastery of it. For others, it takes many years of constant training. Most never achieve even the simplest of shouts. I have learned Unrelenting Force, which I demonstrated earlier, through continuous practice... even since I was a young boy. I was learning the Thu'um before I learned the sword and shield."

"I see," Noael touched the bandage again, and experienced the same excruciating discomfort. "Can you teach me?"

Angren chuckled once more. "Even if you were to study daily, and for the rest of your days, you would be of quite old age before you see any progress. Even I am not a master of the voice. I know only two of the ancient shouts, and even then, I am not always successful in using them. It is also thanks to luck that I was able to save you."

Noael groaned in pain. She had never treated a Nord with even the slightest respect. "There's a first time for everything," she thought to herself.

"You have my thanks and gratitude, Angren. I owe you my life."

Angren grunted. "Indeed," he said softly. "I do not harbor hatred for your people as most Nords do. When Alduin returns, he will attempt to devour us all, be it man or elf."

Noael made another attempt at the bandage before speaking again. "Do you know where the Dovahkiin is? I must find him, Angren. He must be summoned."

Angren let out a long sigh as he finished sharpening the axe. "So many questions. I do not know of the Dragonborn's whereabouts. I was hoping a member of the blades would be able to tell me." He pointed the axe at Noael. "Are the Blades not sworn to help the Dragonborn?"

"We are. If I can find him, that is. Perhaps if we search together, we can find him quicker."

Angren laughed once more. "An elf, asking to travel with a Nord. An elf! What I wouldn't give for father to hear this." There was another silence as Angren continued examining his axe. "Of course, Noael. For the Dragonborn and the people of Skyrim. Nay, the people of all Tamriel!"

Noael sat for many minutes before rising from her seat with enthusiasm. "Then it's settled. We leave immediately!" She began searching the room for her equipment.

"I think not, my lady. You are in no condition to brave the weather. A few more days rest, and we shall depart. For now, regain your strength. You made quite the impressive display of magic with that assassin. We will have need of your talents."

Noael sighed and returned to her seat on the bedside. She was stubborn if not dedicated. "In a few days, the Dovahkiin could be dead. We must leave now!"

Angren looked at her sternly. "I doubt that, elf. I say again; rest. I can tell by looking at you, you have not recovered your full strength. Have patience and be still."

Noael seethed in frustration, but Angren was right; she could not feel her magical capabilities, and would be nearly useless without them. 

She laid back down in the bed, pulled the hides over herself, and relaxed.

"Angren. I know I already did, but thank you. I would be dead were it not for your kindness."

Angren smiled warmly for the first time. "Think nothing of it, my lady. Rest."
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arkarian: 2012-10-14 11:44:00 pm
red chamber dream
didn't read it all, but one suggestion is to use less adverbs (or none at all). they tend to cheapen writing by taking away the focus from the action they describe. it's tough to write without them, but it's worth the effort. for instance:

Instantly, her eyes opened and she scanned the environment available to her in the darkness.

don't people usually open their eyes instantly? i would just get rid of "instantly", but if you really want to emphasize that she opened her eyes quickly, try "her eyes snapped open" or "she flicked her eyes open and scanned [...]" or something like that. that's more interesting than the boring "instantly".
Yol dok, Dovahkiin.
Wise words. Thank you!
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http://www.fanfiction.net/ if you haven't seen it already.

Also this "guide" to fanfics is pretty good, even if they use pony stuff as an example. It makes a lot of great points and it good for really any story writing.
red chamber dream
i like how almost none of my favorite literature follows that guide in the slightest

but it was written by a 16 yo so ...
Club 27 Goals

you're a few years off
Club 27 Goals
nice assumption though since it has pony pictures, B- for effort
One shall stand, one shall ball.
In a creative sense rules exist for people that need them. Unfortunately those people typically don't understand that they do.
red chamber dream
Quote from Poision Envy:

it's funny because kurt vonnegut's books certainly don't follow most of those rules. because they're bullshit for babbies.
Game Lover
Cool. I'll read it when I have some time. I love Skyrim, it's so much fun. My highest character is a female High Elf Warrior at level 48. I'm struggling to get her to 50. :P She's also a 100 enchanter and 100 blacksmith.