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romscout's streaming link's awakening now
oh god I came here expecting nothing and he's playing link's awakening!"!!

my room is dark and I can neither see my keyboard nor the words I'm t<ping thanks to taiga yewah
haha i'm gonna be working today on letting more posts show at once
I know it's wok but I would suggets to just completely drop the whole "board" style for this stuff anbd make the videos appear up higher and put some sort of chat windows below them
yeah. try and drop as much shit out of the top as possible.
all the live videos stopped working for me.
working for me atm.
it's working.  He's just waiting for someone to restart actual video content
what the fuck is he playing there?
brutal metal gear with nacked ninjas?
what game is this?
gay naked suicide ninja 2
okay, why am I watching this. this game is fucking pathetic
okay it's called nikujin and this is what it looks like in acceptable quality
Is this a baby run? ;)
Might work better if video works.
Blue screen is so entertaining.