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got a new monitor (again)

it's a freakin' mess

red chamber dream
looks badass though
Game Lover
I have three Desktop themes I swap between during the week (hopefully a fourth soon). I used to have seven, but then I realized that I liked these three that I have:

Sunday: The Lord Creating the Earth (this is really cool even if you're atheist/non-christian, so take a look).
Mon-Wed: Sasami (commissioned artwork by a friend. She's really good).
Thur-Sat: Rydia (this is THE best picture of Rydia that I've found on the net).

I'm hoping to make Saturday a Momohime background (as soon as that commission is done), but I don't have it yet. :P

What do you think?
red chamber dream
apparently jesus created the earth
Game Lover
Yes, that's what we Mormons believe. So, since I'm devoted to my religion, why not make a Desktop Theme/background for Him? (I didn't draw the image, mind you)
red chamber dream
mormons believe god physically looked like jesus when he created the earth?
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Well, we believe in the Godhead: Heavenly Father, Jesus Christ and the Holy Ghost. They considered as "one God," but only in will, not in body or spirit. Jesus created the earth under the direction of the Father. In Genesis, when it talks about Adam being created. It says, referring to God: "they said, it is not meet that man should be alone." Note the they. I'm assuming that's the Father and Christ discussing the issue.

Anyway, what did you think of the other desktops?
Super Secret Area - Dead Ahead!
Oh dear.  I can see scripture being quoted, rather than opinions being offered.  This can only go one way, so I'm outta here.

Also, wrong thread.  This is for your actual, physical desk. aiwebs_004
red chamber dream
oh aegis that's the same as protestant then

i just meant it's kind of funny to physically characterize god as a giant jesus when he hasn't made any humans yet
Game Lover
Quote from Quietus:
Oh dear.  I can see scripture being quoted, rather than opinions being offered.  This can only go one way, so I'm outta here.

Also, wrong thread.  This is for your actual, physical desk. aiwebs_004

Well, I didn't mean it to go this way when I showed my Sunday Desktop background. I assure you, I do not want any religion bashing going on.
red chamber dream
god is good brother
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ryu: 2013-03-11 12:10:21 pm
the crt monitor was nice and all, but it was really annoying that it took up all the space on my desktop. so since i haven't done any work on graphics in a long time i've spontaneously bought an lcd off ebay. it's alright considering i've only spent 96euros on it (it's mint), but i'll have to get something much better eventually. i'm not happy with the bad color accuracy of the tn panel at all.

Hello everybody its been a while. As a return the first thing I'll say is that I'm very happy that Nintendo admits that the Metroid series is not dead and that they are making 2 different metroid games in future.

Anyways back in December 2013 I finally got my first apartment. 1 bedroom & a bathroom for 525/month and i'm currently still living in it. And now to this month I finally got my first laptop. Windows 8.1 Hp TouchSmart 15. The picture you see now is part of my bedroom. Excuse any mess you see...
Club 27 Goals
RIP Posters, figures, everything

What's the story?

And lol the thread title gets me every time
Club 27 Goals
temporarily in my grandma's for the next two months, before I move across the country ;(

These floral bedsheets are 10/10 though
Sure looks comfy.

Are you moving for college?
Club 27 Goals
Kinda of, I'm in college right now and staying here to finish up this semester. I'm hoping to continue college across country, but most likely I'll just be working full time to get some work experience and such for a year or two before moving back to cali, and then finishing up any sort of degrees or certificates. Kind of at a point right now where I'm doing a lot of schooling for a lot of general things (comp sci, networking, server security, etc) and not 100% sure what I want to focus on. Mostly leaning towards networking/server sec right now.

holy shit she has three boxes of lucky charms in the cabinet already waiting for me best place I've ever lived
Sounds like a good plan.
based on your recent post history, i'm not surprised :P
when you're too lazy to carry your trash out
red chamber dream
i don't understand how people can live like that
heh there's a guy up the road who seems to have just been evicted from his house ... he had the most unkempt front garden I've ever seen so you could tell something was up with him

but for the past week there have been huge skips arriving and I think the people who are clearing the house have so far filled three of them with his detritus
guy had problems for sure