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Ah, ok. Didn't know if you had skipped something and that was why you were bypassing those. Cause last I knew we still needed all of the grapple abilities.
now that i remember, doing ship missile before ice missile would have been cool to see here.
that's imo the most tedious and frustrating wallcrawl in the game so no thanks.
also that would make it os i couldnt get corrupted which in hyper low% is too valuable.
Wait, you're also doing this on Hypermode too?

Then again, look who I'm talking about. Of course you'd do it that way...
lol I always do low% on hypermode, dont think ive ever done one on normal or veteran
hm i forgot about skipping the corrupted hypermode feature.
at least we got to see a glitch with rundas
Heh, that was pretty funny there with the invisible wall and the drones. Would've been funnier if you could've walked across there, but it makes sense why you couldn't.
reminds me of the floating hive in mp2.
So what are the 20 he's keeping? and what's left for him to grab?
That was why I disliked MP3... The music was so sub par.
stuff's finally getting interesting soon... gonna go eat though so brb
Quote from sabata2:
That was why I disliked MP3... The music was so sub par.

What. MP3's music is AMAZING. The Elysia music, combined with the view, made me cry after I landed there, it was so beautiful.
Certain tracks were good. but the majority of it was crap. I fell asleep when I watched Para's speed run because the music was so dull.
The music right now is pretty dull, true. It's more ambiance sound than music. And they could have done a better job with the Crateria music that plays later on the pirate homeworld.
So why does Samus have a different ship in MP3 than her ship in MP2 and Super? Is that one in the shop or something?
Practicing spring ball? I find it easier to do it outside of a slope.
Acting like an idiot for the sake of acting like an idiot is idiotic.
Okay, GoDoFiCe.
Hitaka, it changes between Prime and Echoes too.

The prime series changes her ship each game and unlike Fusion they don't explain why.
is this even possible?

lol thanks logitech i was just about to go find that video
try SA sooner. It seemed you did it a bit faster in the video.