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Use \ before commas in usernames
the whole server this forum is on was temporarily shut off by my host earlier today due to the mail server on it supposedly being an open relay (that spammers were using, to boot) - never mind that i could find no evidence of this anywhere on the machine. as a precaution (and to get them to reenable the server's connection), i removed everything having to do with email from the machine. no idea when i'll have time to go in and make sure whatever replaces the old mail server is properly configured. i apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.
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DJGrenola: 2008-02-14 12:35:47 am

only evidence of anything awry I could find, and even then it's not spam, more like just a broken server.

you might try postfix next time ? I know nothing about email but I hear it's pretty good.
email from the forum should be getting sent now.