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Well this would be the 2nd chairty marathon stream I ever have done. Last one I did was in last September for 24 hours and I raised $300 which I though was pretty good since no one knew me. This stream however I have a goal of raising $1000, which would be mega ultra epic. The stream will start at 4:00 Pacific Time on the 11th and end at 4:00 pacific time on the 14th

On this stream I have help though from an online friend Paper Mario who will take over on some metroid games such as Fusion and Super Metroid. But the plan is that we will play and beat every metroid game and then maybe play some smash bros for the in between time

I'll be playing on this channel when the time comes: http://tinyurl.com/2g5l5fs

And by the way, the metroid prime games will be played using the trilogy version.

I hope you guys can make it! :)

A bit unreleated but still, this is an overview of the metroid sereis I am working on an I am only done with part 1. I've done this with Zelda too in 7 parts so if you want to watch it on youtube, just go on my channel

Part 1
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