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Behemoth: 2011-09-18 12:40:15 pm
This is something I discovered while doing my runs. It works perfectly for the Zetas positions in the far left and far right of ruins 4; With a little bit of further positioning required for the Zeta in the center of the ruins. You can kill them instantly with no health loss and perfect ammo requirements each times. here goes...

Step into the Zeta room and trigger the evolution. Now take your finger off direction so samus is perfectly still. Now hammer away as fast as possible with the missiles. The Zeta will do it's initial swoop to start things off but get caught in your missile trap constantly and can't move until it's dead. It's important not to move samus at all.

For the Zeta on the left of the ruins make sure not to fall off the top step of sand as you trigger the evolution otherwise it won't work.

The far right Zeta in the sand room can be killed very easily with this trick if you shoot some sand before you trigger the evolution.

For the Central Zeta in the screw attack room, trigger the evolution but make you way back to the entrance you came and stand with your back to the doorway and stay there. The Zeta will be higher up and to the left at this point. As soon as it starts swooping, hammer away with missiles, remembering not to move samus at all during this. It will get caught just like the others and die easily.

I can't believe after all this time I found this out. Zetas have gone from being the hardest metroids in the game to one of the easiest, down there with alphas. Let me know if your having trouble with this trick as I'd be glad to help out.
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Being the most awesome Super Metroid player just ain't enough for you, eh? :P
If this works as you say, and I'd believe it based on our recent discussions of the game, than this is extremely awesome. If Zetas can become this easy than none of the evolutions, maybe the Queen as well, are as threatening as they once were. (Taking into account shooting Omegas in the back, that is. Otherwise they could still be a pain.)

I say all of them since with how often I played the game in the last few weeks Gammas went from being 2nd most annoying behind Zetas to becoming rather simple as well if I could get below them and spam missiles up at them as they tried to swoop down at me. If the timing is right I can usually take them out before they can touch me, and most of the time they don't get the opportunity to fire off their lightning attack to block missiles due to my position. It's not a foolproof setup or as efficient as your Zeta strategy sounds like, but it's still better than almost anything else I've done against them.
It really does work and it is incredibly simple. So simple in fact that it's probably why it's gone undiscovered. At least to my knowledge. Just remember to begin button mashing the missiles during the evolution so you don't accidently send the first missile off too late when the Zeta swoops at you, oh and remember not to move samus at all. The gap between you and the Zeta is about the size of Samus laid on her side. The Zeta appears to try and get out of it by making a subtle little bobbing motion while your blasting him, but it is of course unsuccessful.

I think Gamma's are the most annoying now that Zetas have been relegated down to easy metroids. and I think they always will be for me. There movements are so random. The trick is, as you say, to get them above you and you can do two quick missiles before they do the electric swipe, then do two more missiles and so on. Even better if they get caught in a gap between a wall and a platform and your beneath them so you can shoot them real quick to end the fight soon. These opportunities are few and far between though.
I just re-watched the SDA run and it appears he does this strategy on the Zetas anyway. I simply forgot about it and found it myself Razz
Every day is a happy day! :)
If only there were something like this for Gammas (watch my LP to see how bad I am at them), but this will help me keep an energy tank, thanks.
The only one that ever gives me trouble is that middle one. There's two ways to do it -- either trap him in the main room as you're jumping in to trigger, or bring him back into the tunnel.

Doing it in the main room is difficult just because he doesn't like to stay low all that often. It requires very good timing in order to be falling at the exact time he's doing the loop-around.

Doing it in the tunnel is easier, but it forces a more close-quarters encounter, which is made worse by having the metroid shell right there in the middle to obstruct your path. Plus, it's harder to control the height the zeta ends up at due to only having a little bit of jumping room to work with.
For the middle Zeta I bring Samus back to the doorway and face my back to the door, then begin the barrage just it begins swooping. If you shoot fast enough you don't need to make samus jump and the Zeta gets stuck in your missile trap. Just like your first Zeta battle on the left of the ruins.