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So I have a theory or idea that would make for a continuation of the metroid story/series... everything in the series has culminated to the events in Metroid Fusion where as far as we know all metroid breeding projects have been destroyed by Samus. What if... the hunter became the hunted? Samus has the only potentially viable metroid DNA floating around in her system and maybe the federation has a way of separating it out and cloning new metroids... just a what if...
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Super Secret Area - Dead Ahead!
There are probably no end of ways to squeeze out a continuation, and that doesn't seem any less plausible than any other.
I've never been too concerned about story in a game like metroid.
Super Secret Area - Dead Ahead!
Me neither, but I'd apply that to any game.
Quote from Opium:
I've never been too concerned about story in a game like metroid.


plus there's a 90% chance there will never be another metroid game.
red chamber dream
nah i think there will be

it just probably won't be any good :P
Blasphemers!  I do think there will be another one, but I'm going to try to avoid getting excited about it like I did with Other M.  I still think about this: http://www.vg247.com/2014/06/13/metroid-wii-u-3ds-nintendo-planning-3d-and-2d-gaes/ and daydream.  I do have some hope about an E3 announcement this year.
red chamber dream
they're definitely crazy enough to make another one, if only because "metroid" is one of their big franchises in terms of mindshare
red chamber dream
i put that in quotes because a lot of people know the name but haven't played any of the games lol
yeah, it's one of those series they mention along side mario and zelda, even though afaik those series make wayyy more money per game.
red chamber dream
mario does but not zelda anymore ... skyward sword sold less than 4 million lol
red chamber dream
apparently retro are going to be at e3 though so we'll see if they announce prime 4 like people are hoping

i'm super doubtful, lol
fuck prime. they need to release a new 2d metroid
red chamber dream
i know right

i would love a new one for 3ds
Woah are you talking about Metroid on metroid2002? What's wrong with you.