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Quote from Kitsune_Phoenix:
Not good at it. Or any kind of programming.

Practice. Also, SM hacking doesn't require any programming, at all.
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Ta'kaya as "Teyla the Demiphoenix"
I'm not good at putting stuff together either. Or hacking.
And my computer can't play most games, and only has 35 gigabytes of space left. Unfortunately, I can';t buy a new hard-drive.
And then there is the issue of stupid AV software that I can't uninstall even though I use the computer's admin account, and all it does is block me from using particular websites, when I already have much better anti-virus software installed.
What'd you say?
Quote from Kitsune_Phoenix:
I'm not good at putting stuff together either. Or hacking.
And my computer can't play most games, and only has 35 gigabytes of space left. Unfortunately, I can';t buy a new hard-drive.
And then there is the issue of stupid AV software that I can't uninstall even though I use the computer's admin account, and all it does is block me from using particular websites, when I already have much better anti-virus software installed.

You're more creative than I am, and I've made a successful (if noobish) hack of SM. Also, "hacking" SM has NOTHING to do with actual hacking. And 35GB is way, way, way, more than enough to download and use SMILE, Snes9X (or other emulators), and a SM ROM.
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Ta'kaya as "Teyla the Demiphoenix"
But none of my ideas could be implemented without programming. And I was never good with Game Maker, FPSC, Portal's PTI (perpetual testing initiative), Source SDK, Po_Edit, or any other editors of any kind.
What'd you say?
Well, at least your skill of talking yourself down is still intact. There's literally nothing more I can say when encountering this sort of thing.
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Ta'kaya as "Teyla the Demiphoenix"
You could always contribute ideas or something, and don't feel bad about not being creative. Something I learned as a kid was that some ideas can often lead to other ideas which may or may not seem unrelated at first glance.
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Ta'kaya as "Teyla the Demiphoenix"
At least I have commentators to suffer with me:


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papershadow69 4 weeks ago
Here's something I find particularly stupid.
Adam states early on the Power Bombs aren't authorized because they could cause "irreparable damage to the ship."
Why didn't you just have Samus drop a few of the fucking things in Sector 0 and get out? The only thing you did there was get the place to self-destruct!

    ek180 2 weeks ago
    SHH! Pointing out plot holes is not authorized!
Ta'kaya as "Teyla the Demiphoenix"
After watching that video, it points out some more flaws and more things that need to be fixed, which means I need to come up with more ideas. I'll write again soon.
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Ta'kaya as "Teyla the Demiphoenix"
Hyric, sorry for stealing your thread. My own wishful thinking has gone a bit far.

Seeing as Other M has around two hours of cutscenes (a good portion of them beautifully-animated-but-still-crappy ones), and room for over a hundred bland orchestra tracks, not to mention countless voice clips, I can imagine how much space a Wii disc actually holds. The Metroid Prime Trilogy managed to cram THREE games onto a single disc, for example.

I think if Retro were to redo Other M from the ground up, get rid of all of those pre-rendered cutscenes and orchestra tracks, and then they just take the basic gameplay concept (2D + 3D Metroid) and use the fact it takes place between Super Metroid and Fusion as a basis, I wonder how much content they could theoretically put onto the disc.
Oh, and preferably that they used at least some of the ideas that we all came up with.
I didn't read any of this thread, I scanned for the inevitable 'Why don't you try making this yourself' and the 'I can't because x y z' and just want to say, like Tyjet66, yes you can do it, just don't assume it comes easier to anyone else than it does yourself. These things can be hard, but making excuses to not try to do it only holds you back.
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Ta'kaya as "Teyla the Demiphoenix"
What do you mean by "didn't read any of this thread"? You skipped over everyone's ideas and all of the videos I embedded?


I decided to introduce some new characters, and to actually put in some character development for these characters (and the character development for Samus will be much closer to the one we are all used to, but it will also be much more subtle because she pretty much has to be "one with the player". I want your opinions on some of these characters, and I intentionally designed a few so that Samus (and thus the player) would be forced to make Bioshock-esque moral decisions (just nowhere near as morbid and creepy). When the player has to make these decisions, and how they decide, will all have to be intuition on their end, but hopefully it helps build Samus as a character.
These decisions will affect the game to a varying extent, be it subtle or in-your-face (though preferably somewhere in between).

Some of the new characters I came up with:
- [REDONE] Madeline Bergman/MB:
Madeline decided to modify herself with an artificial intelligence she designed, by converting her brain into a tiny Aurora unit, giving herself doses of something similar that one synthetic compound from Fringe (the one that gave kids mind powers), and so on, all because she wanted to create an army of "guardians". She knows her lore well, especially that of the Chozo, and even ancient civilizations that have died out millennia ago. She knows about the X on SR388 and why the Chozo created the Metroids, so she wants to lure Samus to the bottleship to kill her, and send genetically modified metroids to prevent the X from harming civilization. She secretly strikes a deal with Ridley, since she can develop weapons for him and his pirates, as well as help him kill Samus Aran (a common interest). In return, he'd spare the lives of her entire crew and supply her with resources and technology.
The main antagonist actually has good intentions behind her own wrongdoings...bet you didn't see that one coming.
- [REDONE/DEAD] Melissa Bergman:
The (real) daughter of Madeline. Got killed by good ol' fashioned bandits (not space pirates), years before the game even takes place.
- [REDONE] Ridley:
He has a Jump Clone on the Bottleship, which was living as not-Ridley until it was activated remotely after his death on Zebes.
- [REDONE] Samus Aran:
She is now a lot more like her Prime/Fusion self (her darker side). In addition, she is far more subtle, the thoughts going through her mind only being revealed (gradually) as you get closer to the end of the game and explore some more of the Bottle Ship.
Extra: I think there should be some visual signs that she has Chozo DNA in her body. She was infused with it when she was 3, and she is probably in her twenties in the Prime games. And of course, when she was infected with Phazon it left her cells in a highly mutable state, which means that the Chozo DNA would've become even further integrated into her body than before (if that is even possible)
- [REDONE] Adam Malkovich:
Not a jackass, and much more like the ideal "father figure" for Samus than he was in Other M.
- [NEW] Se'avan:
A chozo warrior from Samus' past, and also one of her childhood friends. The two were quickly got separated when the pirates attacked Zebes, and thus he has lived most of his life on a developing Chozo colony on a remote planet up until he heard Samus was still alive, so he took on mercenary work (and eventually became a captain of a small transport ship) so he could get a chance to find her. His crew has become notorious in the region for stealing from rich worlds to aid developing colonies (much like the one he spent most of his life on), and they are now wanted for an extremely high price, enough to make Samus Aran chase his ship into an asteroid belt without knowing who it is. When he intercepts the distress signal which is a trap for Samus, he follows the player to the slowly crashing Bottle Ship.
- [RETURNING] Sylux:
Sylux has been hunting Samus for several months (almost a year), and now that he is on board the Bottle Ship, he will stop at nothing to make sure the player won't make it to the end of the game... but nothing the great Samus can't handle, right?
- [ENHANCED] Anthony Higgs:
Now 20% more badass.


So, Questions and Comments? Opinions and Suggestions? ...Concerns?
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Ta'kaya as "Teyla the Demiphoenix"
Quick Idea: Pre-Spacejump Double-Jumping + Spacejump/Screw Attack enhancement
Double Jump =/= Screw Attack + Original-Spacejump

Prior to getting the Screw Attack, you can perform a Double Jump like you can with Metroid Prime's version of the Spacejump, and this second jump would be a spin-jump. Once you get the Screw Attack, the Spacejump we know and the love from the 2D games will be built-in/bundled with it.

To make sure the Screw Attack isn't rendered useless (combining the simple Double Jump from earlier with Walljumps would partially defeat the purpose the Screw Attack upgrade), performing consecutive spin-jumps with the Screw Attack would also make you home in on nearby enemies. Not only does this make it easier to hit enemies with the Screw Attack, but when you destroyed them, the Screw Attack would pull nearby health and ammo pickups towards you, meaning you wouldn't have to turn around or slow yourself down to get the missile and health refills the enemies drop. Note that all forward momentum you have will be kept when you use this function, so if you abuse the Speed Booster often then Samus will probably want to fetch a bucket.
Ta'kaya as "Teyla the Demiphoenix"
Story update:
It will no longer take place on a starship/space station, but instead on a planet that is mostly dead, and the planet contains the ruins of an ancient civilization most thought they would never see in a Metroid game. If you can guess which one... then free fluffy, feathery firehugs for all of you (don't worry, the fire won't burn you... this is demiphoenix fire afterall)