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When I get bored, I sometimes think about how I would've made Other M (provided I would even call it that).
Sure, just about everyone would want to have it with different controls, totally different story and scenes... Make it easy and just pick your best idea, this should be amusing to read through.

I like the idea of the game wanting to show sides of her personality but for some reason they didn't give her a dark side. They should've kept that air of mystery she has always carried and as seen in the Prime Series, she has the tendency to be subtle when it comes to expressing emotion. She is a hardened warrior after all.

Getting to the point, it's the Ridley fight I would modify. Just have Anthony get kicked out without having Samus cower. During the fight his wings would be rendered useless and the fight continues on the ground. Defeat Ridley fast enough and his death scene goes as follows. Samus approaches the injured Ridley. Samus catches a sign that he's about to make one final fire breath attack. She makes a solid jump inside his mouth when the opening was just barely enough for her to get inside and not even touch with his teeth then shoves her arm cannon inside his throat. On reflex, he clamps his mouth shut, a second pauze, then an explosion erupts from his throat (separating his head from the body but that might cross the M Rating line). Samus emerges from his skull in a slow, cold and dramatic fashion. After taking a few footsteps she stops, looks at the camera and... It will remind you of that scene you saw in Metroid Fusion after you went down the elevator from the Main Deck to Sector 1 (SRX). She later snaps out of it and remembers that Anthony got knocked into lava or so she thinks.

Well, that's my take.
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I like turtles.
Repost from the TV Tropes forums:

How I Would've Written the Ridley Scene in Metroid: Other M - A Few Ideas

Samus encounters Ridley after opening the magma ports. She goes into an Unstoppable Rage upon seeing her seemingly immortal nemesis back from the grave again when everyone she ever loved has stayed dead. Cue the first phase of the battle, along with fitting music (my own choice for BGM here would be an updated version of Mother Brain's theme from Super, for the sheer evilness and menace it conveys). While Samus is eager to end Ridley, it quickly becomes apparent that her Wave Beam just won't cut it. As such, the first phase would consist mostly of dodging Ridley's attacks (mind you, he wouldn't display his full range of moves at this point). When a set time limit expires, or the player takes enough damage (whichever comes first), a cutscene will play in which Ridley begins to drive Samus back after wearing her out a bit.

When Ridley has her backed into the corner, Anthony jumps in with his plasma cannon, beginning the next phase (for a better atmosphere at this point, I would choose more heroic sounding music, such as "Theme of Samus Aran, Galactic Warrior"). For this boss fight I'm thinking of something akin to the Ganondorf battle from The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker - while Samus would be unable to damage Ridley herself, she would distract him while Anthony charges his gun. After a few successful hits, Ridley would finally wise up and knock Anthony off the platform, as in the actual game. "USE YOUR PLASMA BEAM!"

The third phase of the fight would play out pretty much like in the game itself (the music would finally switch to "Vs. Ridley"). Nothing really needs changing here - just some good ol' Samus vs. Ridley fightin'.

Anyway, yeah. That's been floating around in my head ever since I first despised the way the confrontation with Ridley was handled in this game. Even disregarding the writing - whether you care for it or not - the fight was too short for how awesome it was. I think a bit more of a buildup to the main event would've worked nicely.
The Bomb that says it all .!..
I would fix, the space and wall jump.

Space Jump so that you can go vertically.

Wall Jump so that you can climb up one side of a passage or a vertical wall.

i would also make it so that you could IBJ like in the 2D metroid games.

and finally I would increase the rate of fire for missiles (charging for the super missile is still fine for me).

I don't know much about story writing. I mostly ignored it all and focused on the gameplay. That's probably why I enjoyed this game more that a lot of people.
Hehe, I still didn't really enjoy it even though I was focused on the gameplay mostly too Confused
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Ta'kaya as "Teyla the Demiphoenix"
My two-cents:

The controls would be infinitely smoother if the game supported classic controllers. For example, you could use analogue movement controls, and you could theoretically move in First Person view. How I'd set it up:

(A): Jump (Spring Ball in Morphball)
(B): Shoot/Bomb
(X): Change Modes (Standing/Morphball)
(Y): Fire Missile/Powerbomb
(L): Lock-On (First/Third-Person)
          Scan (First-Person-only, tap once to lock on, hold-down to scan)
                    Scannable objects will be outlined in a certain color. Green means you've scanned it, Blue means you haven't scanned it, Red means it is important, and Yellow means it is important but you have already scanned it. This will also make search-mode easier.
          Grapple Beam (double-tap to activate, can be used in both views)
(R): Toggle First-Person
Left-Stick/D-Pad: Move (third AND first-person)
Right-Stick: Aim (first-person), Badass Martial Arts (third-person, inspired by Smash Bros series, as well as Samus' noticeable lack of melee weapons)
          Boostball (morphball mode, requires Boostball upgrade)
Select (hold): Concentration ((Z) if you are using a Gamecube controller)

There would also be a control setup if you chose to connect a Nunchuck to your WiiMote, for those who want to reap the benefits of a WiiRemote without the limitations of Other M's original control scheme. However, if for some reason you don't have a Nunchuck (strange because everyone who owns a wii has one), a Classic Controller OR a Gamecube controller, you can use the original control scheme. Some might prefer it that way, but I sure as hell wouldn't.

I would also make the game have a better excuse for making you start with no items at the beginning, and it is pretty evident in the Mother Brain fight from Super Metroid, characterized in a nutshell below (beware of spoilers, abuse of BBCode, and a minefield of clickable hyperlinks):

Pump MB Full of Missiles -> Rainbow Cone of Death -> Ammunition Destroyed and Health Nearly Depleted, Equipment Scrambled (based on SM Redesign) -> Metroid sucks MB dry -> Metroid heals you -> MB kills Metroid ->  "TASTE THE RAINBOW MOTHER FUCKER!" -> Escape Zebes -> Extra energy depleted, Hyperbeam offline.

Instead of Authorization, Samus' suit (with wireless help from Adam) would gradually recompile the code that allow you to use certain abilities (it all got scrambled in the MB fight). While it would still lead to the same retarded gameplay issues, it could at least be justified this time around. That, and Adam could say
"Samus, avoid Sector 3 until we get your Varia suit operational."

Secondly, we need a way to go where we want, whenever we want. Obviously there would be areas we couldn't access yet, but you get the picture (eventually). Getting Wave Beam before Ice Beam, avoiding the hell that is Sector 3 until the Varia Suit has finished recompiling it's own activation sequence (some point in Sector 2), etc.
Now, if you tried to pull an SM Impossible, and thus went into Sector 3 anyway without a suit (like an idiot), it would still forcefully enable itself like it does already.
Adam: "Samus, I told you to avoid Sector 3 until the Varia suit was functional! Nevermind, I think I got it working. Try it now."
*computer voice* "Varia Functionality: Restored. Have a very safe and productive day."
(Oh, the irony.)

Done. Now here is the review where I learned about most of the issues concerning Other M:

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Ta'kaya as "Teyla the Demiphoenix"
Oh, the general at the "end", he should've given Samus a medal, not call her a bloody outsider! And enemies should drop health and ammo pickups.

My idea above, combining it with a good bit of exploration, and music that isn't forgetable, would basically be "Metroid Prime and Fusion 'having babies'"
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Ta'kaya as "Teyla the Demiphoenix"
Hello, sabata2 and tomatobob. Sorry for the overabundance of formatting and links :(
Edit: Just to be rebellious against Nintendo for ruining what could have been a great game, the soundtrack for our better version (assuming we ever get around to making it) should be a cross between Genesis/NES-style Chiptunes, Soft mixed w/ Sharp and Definitive Drum and Bass, and Orchestra, all in one epic style. Imagine a cross between...

And then this:

And finally, to top it all off, this:

All of that in one impressive combo-style would be one of the most impressive musical feats of all time.
Ta'kaya as "Teyla the Demiphoenix"
Okay, quick new update (Story Ideas, Double-Spoiler Alert):
You have been warned. This is a spoiler to both Metroid: Other M and Metroid Fusion. Also note that I will now refer to Other M as Metroid: Evolution. Ah, sound's exponentially more awesome.
The story should be about that lady who's name starts with an M and her MB copy actually being the same person, and the reason they are creating an army of genetically modified metroids and space pirates is because they know about the X and why the Chozo created the Metroids. Because Samus killed every single Metroid on SR388, MB lures Samus to the Bottleship to punish her for her crimes (do something worse than kill her, and reverse engineer the technology in her suit to outfit her "guardians"), and then she would send her entire army to prevent the X from leaving SR388. So, she has good intentions, but an incredibly evil execution of said intentions. And then of course, she starts to go power crazy.
One shall stand, one shall ball.
The basic concept of Other M's story is fine, really. There are good things that can be done with Samus interacting with the Federation on a distressed space station, Fusion did it ok. The problem is Other M does none of them and instead turns it into an anime soap opera.

I feel sort of gross doing this, but I did write a bit about it here, since you seem to be interested in this sort of thing.
Ta'kaya as "Teyla the Demiphoenix"
But I wanted there to actually be a reason to all of the problems on the Bottleship, as well as a reason behind the distress signal (luring Samus, not getting help), and the antagonist having intentions that are unique for a Metroid game (which also involve punishing Samus for her "wrongdoings").

And of course, getting all of her equipment destroyed when she is attacked by the Mother Brain in Super Metroid is an infinitely better excuse than not being authorized to use her equipment.
One shall stand, one shall ball.
Attempts to justify Samus losing her stuff between games is literally the worst thing to happen to Metroid.
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Ta'kaya as "Teyla the Demiphoenix"
I thought Other M was the worst thing to happen to Metroid. I just think that your equipment getting damaged beyond repair is again infinitely better than it getting deactivated since you don't have authorization to use the damn stuff (nto even the Varia suit, for [diety]'s sake).

I read your article, btw. It brings up yet another excuse to re-work the story. If it were up to me, Samus would be the boss of Adam, since the real Samus could kick Adam's ass even without her abilities and/or suit.
One shall stand, one shall ball.
It's not about anyone being the boss of anyone else or who can kick whose ass, it's about the nature of the two character's interaction vs. the expected take away by the viewer. We're meant to come away with the same respect for Adam Samus has and to sympathize with the two of them while neither act in any way that would warrant such a reaction.

The hows and whys of Other M are where its problems lie. Filling in the backstory between Samus and Adam in a scenario that is basically Metroid Fusion can actually create some good reference points and provide an interesting reflection for Real Adam and Fusion Adam, there's a good story to be told there, much better than the standard Metroid fare, they just didn't.
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Ta'kaya as "Teyla the Demiphoenix"
I was joking, tbob :P In my version of Other M, the two aren't gonna restrict eachother in any way, shape nor form. Also, maybe if they had more new items for you to obtain than just the Diffusion Beam (the Seeker Missiles and E-Recovery tanks don't count), I wouldn't mind so much about losing all of my equipment.

But the Varia suit issue in Other M, that is like something out of the bastard-child of Super Metroid Impossible and Super Metroid Redesign, except you can't get the Varia suit early.
But again, in my version you could go wherever you wanted, and Adam would warn you against going into Sector 3 until his team gets the Varia function on your suit working again. However, by going into Sector 3 without the suit, Adam will start rushing his team and they will give it to you early, though it will be by the time you've already taken a good bit of damage, and the whole time Adam will be telling you to get to a cooler spot.
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Ta'kaya as "Teyla the Demiphoenix"
Oh, I think the game should've made connections with veteran Metroid players. Something along the lines of in-jokes you'll only get if you played the other Metroid games.
The story shouldn't get in the way of an enjoyable experience, but it shouldn't take a backseat like it did in the first Metroid Prime and Super Metroid. The solution? Put the story in the shotgun seat, but not in the Driver's seat like it currently is.
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Ta'kaya as "Teyla the Demiphoenix"
Alright, yet another story update:
MB (can't spell her name because it isn't actually important) would also be the reason behind Adam's death. (Adam wouldn't sacrifice himself, he would get stabbed by MB and cough up blood). MB would then turn out to be wearing a reverse-engineered copy of Samus' fully-powered suit, but with extra like additional missile-launchers in the chest-armor (like on a trans-formed Mospeada), a grapple-lasso on the left arm, and an energy scythe on the same arm. And since she would be as powerful and as maneuverable as you were, she would do a one-on-one fight against you (makes sense, since she lured you to the bottleship in the first place to get you killed, but her plans were slightly foiled when the GF troops answered the distress signal as well). And she wouldn't just be a pushover like Dark Samus (Metroid Prime 3 version) and SA-X, since she would also have her psionic powers from the cutscenes, and you don't have Hypermode like you did in the Metroid Prime 3 bossfight. If I were to rate her planned difficulty on a scale of 1-to-10, it would be a 8.
The music for the fight: Pure. Concentrated. Epicness.
The Hard-Mode version would also have:
          - METROIDS! (which you could kill for health and ammo pickups)
          - Space Pirates (Metroid Prime-style Pirate Commandos, but with Metroid (and Chozo) DNA as well as their energy scythes and guns, and some sweet martial arts like Ridley's guards in Super Metroid)

And another idea for the music (spoiler/warning: these a mixes of stuff from both Metroid, Zelda and Halo, so expect an overdose of awesome):

These mixes were produced by HaunterShadow, a guy whom I already applaud. Also note that the last one is a full remix he composed himself. If we got his permission, it could serve as the title music.
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Ta'kaya as "Teyla the Demiphoenix"
News update (reviews/breakdown):

The pretty cutscenes need to go (except for the first and last two). And be replaced with detailed log entries written by Samus herself. Oh, and one more epic track that could enhance the atmosphere of the game.
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Ta'kaya as "Teyla the Demiphoenix"
More music.

When will it stop?
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Ta'kaya as "Teyla the Demiphoenix"
I had an idea: What if Samus had to fight a manned battlemech along the lines of a Shadow Cat (mech) or a Timber Wolf (mech) instead of a frakkin' bulldozer? It would've made the fight more intense, especially since the enemy had guns and could follow you around more easily despite being so much bigger than you.

Leading up to the fight, you'd hear this, and the encounter won't trigger until you scan the mech (the music will switch to combat music). By scanning the mech, you'd know how to fight it before the combat started, and you would have time to get your bearings and explore the room a bit. In addition, the information sent back to Adam would mean that he could get his team to help you find the weapon later.
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Ta'kaya as "Teyla the Demiphoenix"
*continued from above post*

Something along these lines:
Shadow Cat (Left)/Timber Wolf (Center)/Atlas (Right) and some Humans for scale:

Yeah, these things are huge. But nothing Samus can't handle, right?
Shadowcat Height: Forgot. I think it was something around 10 or 11 meters with a mass of 45 tons? Timber Wolf: 12.2/12.4 meters with a mass of 75 tons?
Now the Atlas, that thing towers at 14.4 meters and with about 100 tons in mass.

Now the weapons the boss would use, well, let's just say...

Once Samus defeats the rogue combat unit (a cross between a manned vehicle and a living suit, with vulnerable organic components + a corrupt and unstable AI + a neural interface), she would discover a integrate some of it's PPC weaponry into her own loadout. Finally, a beam substitute for Missiles when you are running low on ammo!
Actually, according the the item database for Metroid Coven, the Plasma Beam was meant as a replacement for the Proton Cannon (and PPCs are basically Proton Cannons). While I like the idea of a Plasma Beam, the concept of superheated plasma seems incompatible with the concept behind the Ice Beam, which makes stacking the two a scientific nightmare. Besides, imagine how much cooler your arm cannon would be if a charged shot could send things FLYING.
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Ta'kaya as "Teyla the Demiphoenix"
Okay, it is time to figure out how the Speed Booster works, along with the Gravity Suit. Because I'm too lazy right now, I have attached some links to various articles on Sarna's battletech wiki. Yes, I am obsessed with the technology in Battletech.

One of the most important ways to immerse yourself into a fictional setting is to make sure that it is believable, and the use of applied scientific knowledge is no exception.
Now, there were complaints about the lack of new powerups in Other M. Some people count the Seeker Missile as new, but really it is just an improved-upon version of the Seeker Missile from Metroid Prime 2 (and that means that the Diffusion Beam is the only new powerup at the moment)

I have a simple list of ideas in my head:
- Boostball (it needs a comeback, and it can come with the Speed Booster)
- Spider Ball (Prime style)
- Some form of melee-weapon: Because why not?
- Improved Grapple Beam: Combining the Prime-style grapple beam with the Grapple Lasso from Prime 3, and making it useable in third-person for a smoother experience.
          - Double Grapple Beams (hidden, non-mandatory upgrade): I don't understand why Link gets Double Claw Shots, but Samus doesn't get Double Grapple Beams. It is common-frakkin'-sense
- PPC (Particle Projector Cannon) Upgrade: Because the Plasma beam as a concept is incompatible with the Ice Beam in terms of stacking, and the idea of your Arm Cannon not just punching holes in enemies but also sending them flying is WAAAAAY too hard to pass up. And a charged shot can even emulate a missile in terms of versatility (for both exploration and boss fights, great if you're trying to conserve ammunition). When combined with a Super Missile, the combo will do 50% more damage than a regular Super Missile.
        - Obtained as a reward for completing the bossfight idea two posts above.
        - Serves as Plasma Beam substitute.

- Swarm Missiles: An upgrade to the Seeker Missiles, now a single missile breaks up into a swarm of a bunch of smaller missiles. This means you can do Seeker-Missile stuff, as well as Super Missile combos, using only three missiles, and of course you could completely massacre a cluster of troublesome enemies.
- Ice Spreader: An upgrade to the Super Missile (which requires the Ice Beam to function) that emulates the Ice Spreader from Metroid Prime, but it doesn't increase the amount of missiles you use for combos. Not only that, but it would still look pretty.
- Havoc Beam: This infamous beam, which made its debut in a Metroid-themed Halo mod, ricochets all over the place. Fun to use, but incompatible with the Spazer. Don't use it in Close Quarters, or friendly fire will ensue.
- Spazer Beam: This game never made it's way into the 3D metroid games. A shame, it would have >had< so much potential in Project: Evolution Other M. The idea is that when you fire a single beam shot, three smaller bits break off of the main shot and oscillate around the main shot in a rounded triangular pattern that closed in and crossed over on itself, with bolts of energy arcing between them. It would start out small, but it would spread as the beam went further before the tiny bits dissipate once they stray too far form the beam. It doesn't make enemies easier to hit at extremely long ranges, but it makes it easier to hit troublesome lil' fellas at short and medium-long range.
- Pulse Cannon: A bluish-green beam upgrade that fires in bursts. That is the Pulse Cannon in a nutshell. For balance reasons, the bursts don't stack with the Spazer Beam (you can turn items on and off like in Super Metroid), and don't work with the Charge Beam. However, the funcitonality of other beams that you have won't be subtracted from.
- Thermal-Chaff: Samus needs a way to defend herself when swarms of missiles are coming her way. Some missiles use Radar, so a cloud of shrapnel (chaff) is usually deployed to counter those. Some missiles use Thermal targeting, so a cloud of flares is usually deployed to counter those. Wouldn't it just be easier to combine the two?
- Some greenish-colored suit upgrade, that does... something. Further scientific investigation is required.
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Ta'kaya as "Teyla the Demiphoenix"
Still waiting for somebody who can actually develop games to find this thread. And that could be a while. SM hacks are okay while I wait, though.
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Ta'kaya as "Teyla the Demiphoenix"
Quote from Kitsune_Phoenix:
No... A cross between Nightmare, and THIS... and with a HURT STICK:

Okay, I did kinda botch that idea up. Let's try not to be too comical; a simple unmanned battlemech with ER PPCs will be good enough (Clan Tech is the best, you gotta love it.)
Something along the lines of the Shadow Cat, but obviously with a unique appearance both to prevent the violation of a copyright as well as to make it fit in with the Metroid universe.
What'd you say?
Quote from Kitsune_Phoenix:
Still waiting for somebody who can actually develop games to find this thread. And that could be a while. SM hacks are okay while I wait, though.

Why don't you try your hand at SM hacking?
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Ta'kaya as "Teyla the Demiphoenix"
Not good at it. Or any kind of programming. In fact, I think I have some fixed (meaning irremovable and irreparable) inability to program things, even if I follow the instructions word-for-word.

The ship won't be Federation-owned, but it will be privately owned (previously belonging to a third-party weapon contractor). The person who own's the ship, Madeline Bergman, will have secretly made a deal with Ridley: Supplying his troops with weapons as well as helping him kill Samus Aran (they share a goal), but on the behalf that the lives of her and her crew are spared by Ridley, as well as that he supplies her with resources and genetic samples for the development of bioweaponry. In the end, they both got more than what they bargained for, except for the fact that Samus isn't dead.

There will be other people on the station who are alive, but Samus (under the control of the player) will have to make moral decisions along the lines of stuff such as "Do I kill this guy, turn him in, or let him off with a slap on the wrist?"
However, there won't be anything in-game that explicitly tells you, just clues and things that imply that you have to make a decision. The rest of the decision making will be on your end, and it will be your intuition that tells you what decisions to make and when to make such decisions. Basically, taking the exploration that Metroid is so well known for and adding the depth of interaction to it.

Now, the self-destruct thing will be directly by your hand, when you witness most of the squad getting killed (it is possible to save a majority of them, though). However, it won't be as simple as finding a control panel, but it will be multiple control stations throughout the ship (most of them somewhat close to eachother) where you download data into your suit, before you go to the main computer and activate the main self-destruct sequence using all of the information you downloaded (by uploading it into the main computer). Where you find the terminals will be similar to the energy cells in Metroid Prime 3, and the number of terminals required is only a third of the number of terminals present. The ones that you will have more trouble finding, there will be extra stuff to make finding them worth your time, besides the exploration and lore factor.

You also can't get to the main computer that controls the self-destruct sequence until you beat the final boss, the crazy lady who wants you dead and will accomplish it using a heavily-weaponized (meaning more heavily-armed-than-usual) version of your suit, not to mention her ability to command a legion of Space Pirates and Metroids, as well as her scary mind powers. She'll be using her beam (imagine a Hyper Beam, but without the Phazon and Rainbows, and slightly less powerful as well).

The self-destruct won't just be a simple explosion (or chain of explosions) but instead a few artificial minature blackholes spread throughout the ship, which will rip it apart like the Romulan ship in the 2009 Star Trek movie.